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Who needs friends when you’ve got YOU?
1. You can relaaax.Without people eating up your time, you can just veg out at home, refuel, and be sufficiently energized to conquer the challenges ahead. #WinningInPajamas2. You can get creative.With no one around to limit your actions, you can
Ain't no party like an alone party because an alone party's just me.
According to a new study that will be published in the Journal of Consumer Research in August, people actually enjoy being alone far more than they might think they do, Washington Post reports.Study authors Rebecca Ratner and Rebecca Hamilton asked people
You’ve been looking forward to the long weekend for days, and THERE IT IS. Around the corner! Spending it home alone? We got your covered.
1. Pamper yourself. You can have a DIY relaxing treatment with natural ingredients from your kitchen! Facial mask from eggs? Hair conditioner from coconut oil? Exfoliating scrub from brown sugar? There's nothing like whipping up your own creams and massaging your
Sometimes you should (or just want to!) roll solo.
1. Have dinner at a restaurant.You know that moment before you come to terms with being alone that you call up a friend you don't even really like because you feel like going out to eat rather than staying in?
You know you don't want to go out.
1. All the bars are going to be packed because it's a Friday night. 2. All the bros will be out because it's the weekend. The numerous variations of bro: The dress-shirt bro. The muscle-tank bro. The creepy
Stuck at home with no plans? Not to worry! We've got a list of things you can do in the pleasure of <i>your</i> own company.
Nobody likes to be cooped up at home all the time, but sometimes it's unavoidable. When the weather's a hassle, you're too tired to make plans, or your friends bail on you for some last-minute errands, it's
Feeling left out amidst coupled up peers? Learn these phrases that every single girl should live by.
There's nothing like spending quality time with the person who matters most: YOU! Singlehood can be tough when most people you know are paired up, but that's not an excuse to feel bad. It's important to set aside some "
On solo flight this holiday season? Beat the blues away with these winning plans for enjoying the rest of the holidays and welcoming the New Year with a bang.
Did the Christmas bells make you feel bitter, the carols make you cringe, and the cold Christmas nights leave you crying? Then you're probably one of the many Cosmo chicks suffering from a cold, cruel holiday season.Unfortunately, the season
Even the most social chicks occasionally find themselves flying solo. Take full advantage of your time alone with these tips and tricks.
At A Party As soon as you walk into a soiree, seek out the host and say hello...then follow up by asking him or her to introduce you to some of the other guests in the room. If he or she