How TF does that even work?
Soo, the 91st Academy Awards is tomorrow, February 25, and is currently host-less. It's definitely going to be different than the Oscars that we're all used to, but I mean, as a society, we've seen
Awkward! Very awkward!
When you put a ton of celebrities in one room and feed them loads of free alcohol, there are bound to be hilarious (and awkward) moments. This year's Golden Globes were no exception, thank God. From awkward red carpet interviews
Why didn't this happen sooner?!
Real-life BFFs and comediennes Tina Fey and Amy Poehler play siblings in their new film Sisters. This laugh-out-loud comedy is about two polar opposite sisters- "The Perfect One" and "The Other One"-who decide to throw one last wild
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