Orgasms shouldn’t be the goal of sex, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting it!
Orgasms, as wonderful and seemingly life-altering as they are, aren't guaranteed every time you have sex-and honestly, they shouldn't be the end goal, anyway. Sex could still be a great experience even without the Big O. But wanting
All I want for my birthday is a big booty... orgasm.
There's lots of talk about how to achieve an anal orgasm with a partner, but what if you're looking to give yourself that mind-boggling, life-changing booty O? I mean, it's 2019, people! We'
It's like a regular orgasm on steroids, mmk?
Much like an assortment of chocolates, orgasms come in all different shapes and sizes. Stimulating different parts of your body can result in a variety of orgasmic sensations, and one of those parts of the body just so happens to be the
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