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Missed the Singles' Bash at 7th High? No worries, we filmed the highlights for you, and we even interviewed the hot hunks and celeb guests! Watch it now--and share it with your friends!
Watch behind-the-scenes footage of Andre's fun shoot with, and listen in on his interview for valuable dating tips!
Before we bid October goodbye, we'll treat you to an exclusive peek at the fun work we put into this month's hunk's faved feature.
We have received loads of feedback--whether online, offline, through Facebook or Twitter--that you loooove our October Cosmo Online Hunk Andre Justin. Comments all fall along the lines of "He's sooo cute!" and "I have a major crush on him!"
We're making our featured stud spill <i>everything</i> on his final week. And, we'll show you what you've all been waiting for: his shirtless photos!
We're pulling out all the stops on Andre Justin's final week as October Cosmo Online Hunk. If you think his past three interviews were revealing and eye-opening, wait 'til you read his last, no-holds-barred interview below. And,
Told you Cosmo Men season isn't over yet! We've chosen one of this year's 69 Bachelors to be our October featured hunk. Boy, this hottie is full of surprises!
A lot of men like to put on a tough guy act. It's how they deal. And if they happen to have ripped bods or dress a certain rugged away, it's easy to write them off as bad boys, right?