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We're not crying, you are!
Do you ever wonder if your dog is *dreaming* as it's sleeping? Although there's really no way of knowing what exactly goes through puppers' minds as they snooze, tons of scientific evidence point to the fact that
Ah, self-care.
Don't beat yourself up the next time you end up in a YouTube hole of cute animal videos. Because that counts are taking care of your health, apparently. We're serious, too. A bunch of researchers have found that
So adorbs!
If you want another way to show your love for your pets, why not get a tattoo of them? You can totally customize it to your liking, whether it be a realistic-looking design or a cartoon doodle. You can also opt
Giant bats from the Philippines are the largest in the world.
People on social media are freaking out over photos of giant bats from the Philippines."Just imagine this bat waking up and flying straight at you," says Twitter user @KingLeoRio. "I'd flee the country."He was referring to photos of
Is it really just because they love you?
Often when you wake up in the morning, the first thing you do (after checking your phone) is head to the banyo to pee. And if you live with a dog, you probably open the bathroom door and find a pair of
'We're all doing what we can to give all of you the love and care you need.'
Heart Evangelista has posted photos from her recent trip to Batangas with the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) to help animals affected by the Taal Volcano eruption last month."Don't worry, little one, we're all doing what we can to
But don't worry, your cat loves you.
A couple of years ago, a video of a dog went viral: It shows a dog grieving at the death of its owner. The pooch was seen crying at the grave of its old master:Somehow, 40,000 years of domestication have
What a beauty!
A juvenile Philippine Eagle was spotted on Mt. Apo, the country's highest mountain located in the provinces of Davao Del Sur and North Cotabato in Mindanao.In a Facebook post on January 22, the non-profit organization Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF)
Bless her heart.
It's a heartbreaking sight to see all the animals left behind by their owners in the hardest-hit areas in Batangas as Taal Volcano suddenly showed its wrath on January 12.Actress, fashionista, and animal rights advocate, Heart Evangelista recently called
These two cuties are friends fur life!
Warning: Your hearts are about to melt!A cheetah cub and a dog enjoyed an adorable sleepover at the Cincinnati Zoo on November 2, 2019.Footage by the zoo shows the unlikely best pals, rescue dog Remus and baby cheetah Kris, cuddling
The police are reportedly involved now.
A YouTuber named Brooke Houts is under fire and just apologized for a video she accidentally uploaded that shows her abusing her puppy, Sphinx.Brooke, who has a little over 338,000 subscribers and has uploaded videos like, "KISSING MY EX-BOYFRIEND," "
She really has a soft spot for our furry friends.
Heart Evangelista has always loved animals.As an advocate of pet adoption, she frequently posts photos of stray dogs and cats in need of homes. In fact, her dog Panda was once an aspin (Asong Pinoy), until Heart adopted him. She loves
A good reminder to lock your door when you get it on.
Pets are great. They enrich our lives, provide endless companionship, and disrupt our daily routines. It's no truer than when you're trying to get it on, and your dog or cat walks into the room like nothing is
Animals are amazing.
I love science! And animals! And dicks! (This will all make sense in a minute.)Scientists traveled deep into the oceanic abyss off the Australian coast, and discovered all sorts of new majestic (and terrifying!) underwater beasts. Their findings included devilish dragonfish,
And we couldn’t be more impressed!
Popular travel site TripAdvisor, together with its booking service, Viator, recently announced that they will no longer be selling tickets to animal attractions where tourists get up-close and personal with wild and endangered animals.If you're not sure what we'
We ruff them.
Here to pull you out of whatever slump you've fallen into today are the world's first twin pups! Or should we say, first documented case of twin pups! Meet Cullen and Romulus. Veterinarian Kurt De Cramer performed a C-section
Work it, mama!
Ana Paula GrilloI'm sorry, I'm sure your maternity photos are gorgeous, but this is next level. I'm screaming.Brazilian photographer Ana Paula Grillo captured the rotund grace of adorable doxie, Lilica, right before she gave birth to five puppies.
Instagram/andimanzanoOlivia Manzano Reyes, Andi Manzano and hubby GP Reyes' daughter, just celebrated her first birthday over the weekend.Baby Olivia had a massive first bash at the Palace Pool Club (thanks to club owner daddy GP) with wild animal-themed dé
As proven by their fur-filled IG feeds!
1. Anne CurtisMogwai is not happy he's sharing the spotlight with doggy frenemy Grizzly. 2. Taylor SwiftMeredith and Olivia are clearly unimpressed by the perks of their pop superstar mom.3. Coleen Garcia4. Ian SomerhalderThe Vampire Diaries hottie is passionate about
'Animal abusers are a danger to everyone.'
At least 14 cats were killed in Dasmariñas Village, Makati City last month in what was seen as an incident of cat hate by officials of the posh village.In a statement last week, the Dasmariñas Village Association (DVA) told