There is a scientific explanation for it!
If you've ever felt like ripping your eyeballs off whenever someone is chewing or slurping loudly, this one's for you. Your annoyance for these sounds-heavy breathing included-could be chalked up to your short temper, but there might actually
...and answering over and over again.
Let's be real. Not a lot of people would understand why a girl needs ten different pairs of white sneakers or why she would wear fur in the tropics. Fashion is not exactly everyone's cup of tea, and those who
'Are you kidding me? What kind of life is this?'
Katy Perry, who has been dating British actor Orlando Bloom since February, has one major complaint about the relationship-the time it takes her to get to his beachside home in Malibu.Katy, who lives nearly an hour away in the Hollywood
Most times you're an absolute angel. But there are days you fall from grace.
You may feel differently, but, with a hat tip to supreme beings who tell no lies, this is God's own honest truth: We guys never mean to piss you off. The time we promised to pick you up but managed to
These guys make a day in the office a bitch.
1. The loud talker. We're all trying to concentrate here, and loud chatter-what more, about irrelevant crap-is distracting and annoying-we can't hear ourselves think! That person naturally has a loud voice? Well, she can step out of
<i>"Wala ka pa ring</i> boyfriend?" SMH.
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