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Liza just launched her podcast about mental health awareness.
Trigger warning: Discussion of panic attacks.Liza Soberano has always been outspoken about mental health, so we're excited that she finally launched a podcast about it! An Open Mind With Liza Soberano aims to discuss the most common issues we
As much as her family didn't have any shortcomings at the time, the pain was still apparent.
'Physically, wala akong nararamdaman. Mahirap lang po mentally.'
Andrea Brillantes has tested positive for COVID-19.In an interview with host Boy Abunda, The Huwag Kang Mangamba actress confirmed that she's asymptomatic. She also revealed her battle with insomnia and anxiety, especially as she's currently undergoing
'Para san pa ba ako gumigising every morning?'
The pressure of always needing to be online, accessible, and productive has never been more apparent than amid this pandemic. And we all know how much it can affect a person's mental health-no matter how passionate you are about
'I have moments of feeling like I'm breaking or feeling like I can't take it anymore.'
If you've been following the Kardashians and Jenners for more than a decade now, then it probably doesn't come as a surprise to you that Kendall Jenner suffers from anxiety. In the later seasons of the show, when
One thing I realized was how much of my identity and self-worth were tied to my job, and that I let this happen to myself, too.
I used to joke with friends that because of my job as an editor of an online publication, I lived on the internet. I was often guilty of scrolling mindlessly through my social media accounts over brunch or dinner because I felt
Coping is an endurance sport.
The first time I had a mental breakdown was during my second year of college. I just came back to school from the Christmas break and my dad, who'd lost his job, told me they might not be able to
'If the anxiety is in your body, use your body as a way to calm it.'
When it comes to mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, bipolar or OCD, there's no discrimination-anybody can be impacted, including those who work in the psychology field themselves. Now, a therapist who is popular on both Instagram and
Reading shouldn't feel forced, and I hope you find the same joy in it as much as I do.
BRB, Taking A Break is a new Cosmo series that's all about hitting the pause button on whatever's stressing you out and taking the time to rest and reflect-two things we all need to do more of
As the reader, you're the one who gives your cards power.
Like many other people, my mental health suffered in 2020. I'm an introvert, and I normally thrive on alone time, just preoccupying myself with my hobbies like reading or watching K-dramas. But because of the quarantine, I realized that
Remember: You are not their therapist.
Given everything that's happening in the world, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't feel any sense of anxiousness right now. For those with anxiety disorders, this is an especially scary time. And worldwide
Experiencing burnout even when you're not busy can be frustrating.
Experiencing burnout even when you're not busy can be frustrating, but don't beat yourself up too much; there's an actual psychological reason why you're feeling tired and burnt out right now, according to the
And how to get rid of them.
Whether it's a first date with a new prospect or a second, alright, third driving test, we're all familiar with the butterflies we get in our tummies when we're feeling nervous. Just like the flush of pink that colors
According to a new study.
Contrary to popular belief, spending your time on your phone isn't connected to poor mental health. A new study, published in Technology, Mind, and Behavior, led by Lancaster University's Heather Shaw and Kristoffer Geye says that smartphone usage
It's a worthy investment.
Ever since the pandemic hit, I've had a complicated sleeping pattern. For the first few months, sleeping wasn't a problem-I'd doze off easily after a full day of working from home. I'd stay indoors the whole day
Or any other punctuation mark, actually.
Have you ever had that feeling of panic after receiving a text or WhatsApp message that ends with a full stop? You know, that stomach-dropping moment, when in a millisecond you comb through all of your previous interactions with that person,
Try to be a little kinder to yourself.
2020 was supposed to be our year-"New decade, new me," amirite? Yet who could have predicted a global pandemic, and how it would impact today's society. With all the anxiety piling up from work, managing or contributing to a
For people who find comfort in logic.
Everyone feels anxious from time to time. Whether it's right before a school presentation or during an important job interview, these events can trigger your hormones and activate your fight or flight response. This urge to protect yourself is normal,
Distress calls reflect the five-month quarantine's mental toll.
Anxiety is the top concern of Filipinos who call the government's mental health hotline as the COVID-19 quarantine passed the five-month mark. It's confidential and free so give it a try if you are down with