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'Staying longer.'
It looks like KC Concepcion will be staying in the US for a long time. She took to Instagram to share that she's been going apartment hunting in California, writing: "Apartment hunting, staying longer."KC first posted about being in
'My apartment definitely feels like an extension of myself and the things I love!'
When it comes to designing your own place, chances are you've already saved (read: took screenshots of) several pegs that capture the aesthetic you're going for. Some prefer to take the minimalist route, while others go for a
She stressed the importance of saving up for your rent in advance.
For many of us, one of the defining moments of our 20s is when we finally move out of our parents' house and get our own space. While the thought of not living by anyone's rules but your own
She and her husband Carlos are both minimalists.
In a new vlog, singer Kitchie Nadal gives fans a short tour of their family's home in Spain. Upon entering, we immediately see the dining area, which has a view of the pool. Kitchie says it looks especially wonderful in
Kylie at 21: owns two pools and a tennis court. Me at 21: owns some old pizza.
Have you ever wondered where Kylie Jenner, like, lives? We know she and her roommate Jordyn Woods are lurking around Calabasas, Californina somewhere, but how many swimming pools does she have? Is there a tennis court on her property? How jealous do
A not-so-secret guilty pleasure ;)
When my life is in shambles and I can't find anything on my work desk or home closet, I like to sort of make myself feel better by scrolling through photos of insanely organized spaces. Don't ask me
She got help from decorator Elle Uy.
In 2016, influencer Laureen Uy gave us a glimpse of her gorgeous apartment. It was fun, light, and extremely colorful.Now, she's traded that in for a more muted, mature vibe. For one thing, the walls of her newly renovated
The bride-to-be loves all things cute and Hello Kitty-inspired.
Based on her Instagram posts, it's easy to guess that actress Maxene Magalona loves girly accessories and delightful collectibles. After doing a bit of stalking, err...scrolling on Instagram, we stumbled upon posts featuring a few areas of her bachelorette pad.
She has a fantastic view of the Manila Bay sunset, too.
Based on her posts on social media and the countless billboards we often see, it's safe to say that actress Ellen Adarna is a fitness buff. From boxing to practicing yoga, the Cebuana is dedicated to maintaining a healthy body-even
Her place will make you want to add more color in your life.
We know, we know. By now, you're probably so sick of unicorns and rainbows-tbh, it's kinda getting out of hand-but we're totally living for this girl's ~colorful~ apartment. Blogger Amina Mucciolo is super into whatever makes
Welcome to New York.
If you want to experience the city Taylor Swift was singing about in "Welcome to New York," there are few better ways to do it than to actually live in the singer's former abode in downtown Manhattan.That's right: For
A girl can dream, right?
2016 is almost over, and you've probably started thinking about all the changes you want to make in 2017, right? So why not start early? Donate all the *stuff* you no longer use, and make room for all the wonderful things
It's next-level, guys.
Blogger and style guru Laureen Uy is known for her effervescent style and unique taste, which is why we're not that surprised to find out that her home is just as ~*fabulous*~! She recently uploaded a tour of her apartment on
Good eye, Kenny!
ICYMI, Kendall Jenner recently moved into her new LA home, which she bought from Emily Blunt for a whopping $6.5 million. As expected, our favorite supermodel's been busy decorating! On her app, Kenny wrote, "Even though I've purchased a
No, you don’t have to become a minimalist.
In Manila, you're either living with your parents or slumming it in a condo so small, you keep tripping on everything you own. What's worse is you never have space for anything! Let's upgrade it, shall we? Here are
Flying ipis?!?! HELP!
1. Always feeling unsafe. Constantly. Every time you have food or water delivered, you're suspicious of the delivery guy. Good thing you have three locks to bar your door. 2. Dealing with a renegade flying ipis! Or worse, renegade rats! Ewww!
Let's talk adulting, shall we?
Making the first big investment of your life (hello, dream bachelorette pad!) isn't something to be considered lightly. All these ads showing new, affordable condos makes buying one seem within your reach, but before you reach for that flyer and schedule
Small space? No prob!
Just moved out? Here, tips on how to maximize the space inside your compact condo unit.
Moving out of your parents' home (within 2013!) is totally possible. One fun, fearless female shows you exactly how.
On the lookout for a summer home you can proudly call your own? Check out these new residential offerings for that quick, convenient weekend getaway.
Ever fantasize about having a summer villa you can easily escape to with your best girls in tow? We may have found the next best thing--and you won't even have to travel far to get there!SM Residences has developed