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Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff have one of the most low-key showbiz relationships ever-especially when they kept their engagement under wraps for over a month before Erwan released their proposal video in December 2016. And although we know next to
It's totally common to do it from time to time.
Have you ever wondered why you sleep soundly, while your SO will wake you up with incoherent chatter throughout the night? Or perhaps you're the sleep talker, and you just want to know if there's ever any sense
YAS, Gaga!
After flawlessly singing the National Anthem at last year's game, Lady Gaga returned to the Super Bowl once more to headline the halftime show-and as per usual, she absolutely killed it. The singer's performance was epic, fun, and empowering,
Well, it's been there all along of course, but researchers believe it should be reclassified.
University of Limerick scientists believe the mesentery, a double-layered sheet of abdominal connective tissue, should be classified as an organ, according to a recent article in The Lancet gastroenterology and hepatology journal. After extensive research, they reveal they already have reason
Joyeux Noël !
ICYDK, our December Cosmo cover girl Sarah Lahbati speaks fluent French! Born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland, Sarah's here to teach us a few simple French terms perfect for the holiday festivities!
Oh, the internet.
After yesterday's epic Twitter tirade between exes Andi Eigenmann and Jake Ejercito, it was no shocker that Pinoys put some humor in the very dramatic (an understatement, tbh) sitch by starting the hashtag #AndiEndedJakeParty.Yup, it's a local spin on
'We had to.'
Jenna Dewan-Tatum celebrated the 10th anniversary of the hit dance movie Step Up by sharing a sweet throwback photo of herself with husband and co-star Channing Tatum.The couple met and fell in love on the set of the 2006
'No championship or accomplishment can compare to the overwhelming joy we felt when this little girl finally entered this world.'
Chris Tiu, mega basketball heartthrob (and 100% perfect human being), just welcomed his first child, Amanda Claire, with wife Clarisse Ong. The proud daddy posted a picture of his little girl on social media with this ultimate feelsy caption: "June 5, 2016.
Lovi Poe watched a Coldplay concert, and Andi Eigenmann looked like Hollywood royalty in Saint-Tropez.
It looks like the South of France has become the new go-to destination for some of our fave girls Lovi Poe and Andi Eigenmann. After attending the #SosBolz nuptials in Combourg, Lovi jetted off to the French Riviera for an extended
For one, she's got the brains to match her beauty. YUP.
1. No one rocks a mutant onesie quite like Olivia Munn. Damn, she's pretty fit! And she kicks major butt wearing that number, too!2. She's pretty funny as well! Listen to how she tells the story of fitting into
She's really OVER the Biebs this time.
Selena Gomez made her feelings for Justin Biener clear during a show in California by crumpling up a fan's sign urging her to marry her ex.The popstar was performing the second show on her Revival World Tour on Sunday when
Aka when to eat lechon.
Diets high in fats-especially saturated fats-can lead to chronic inflammation, which scientists believe may give rise to a range of health issues from heart disease and obesity to diabetes and even depression. That's why nutritionists and dietitians keep reminding
He even wore a Superman shirt, ok.
Henry Cavill was ignored by fans as he strolled around New York City wearing a Superman T-shirt on Wednesday.The British actor shot to fame as the comic book superhero in 2013 blockbuster Man of Steel, and he has reprised his
With brief answers from Google!
Google couldn't be more of our best friend in this age, when we can find out anything about everything. Here's a list of the top 10 topics Pinoys Googled (you might have checked them out too!):1. What is APEC?
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on November 18, 2015!
1 Karen Davila's interview with Alma Moreno became viral on Sunday, November 15, because the Paranaque councilor and senatorial candidate failed to answer questions thrown right up her way. Many netizens think Alma Moreno was not treated unfairly, while others thought
Plus social media accounts to follow!
The APEC (or the Asia-Pacific Economic Corporation) has been getting loads of buzz recently. And why wouldn't it, when the Philippines is hosting the Economic Leaders' Week at the Philippine International Convention Center on November 18 and 19, causing closures
The APEC summit didn't just stop our cars with the heavy traffic; apparently, the arrival of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the country had the same effect on our hearts. Here, a few reasons why we are completely smitten:He
Welcome to the Philippines, you beautiful, smart specimen, you.
Philippines, meet Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto:The leader, who became Mexico's president in 2012, arrived at the Villamore Air Base to attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit at the Philippine International Convention Center this week, alongside 19 other world