Stop reposting it!
With the absurd number of people panic-sharing it, chances are you've already seen the latest Instagram chain-message going around the site. It's supposedly an urgent message warning IG users about the site's plan to
Listen up, ARMYs!
Great news, ARMYs!You can now interact with fellow BTS fans all over the world with a new mobile app called Weverse. Fans part of the app's community get exclusive updates from BTS via text messages. They'll also
There's a game show for every kind of *interest*!
Admit it: At one point in your life, you've dreamed of joining television game shows to get a shot at winning awesome prizes. Well, there's no need to travel far-or deal with stage fright-because now there&#
This might just be the easiest way to win money online!
Cristine Reyes made a surprise appearance on Kumu's Quiz Mo Ko on Friday, February 1, where she filled in for regular host KC Montero. ICYDK, Quiz Mo Ko is a game show on the live-streaming app where players have
Kumu will be giving away P1M to the lucky winner or winners of the 8 p.m. episode on February 1.
In October of last year, lotto fever swept the Philippines-Filipinos from all walks of life lined up at outlets that sell Ultra Lotto Jackpot tickets, hoping to win the grand prize. Players believed the lottery was a once-in-a-lifetime
Enjoy interactive game shows like 'Quiz Mo Ko' and 'Pinoys Doing Stuffs'.
In its latest move to invest in the future of media, Summit Media has taken a minority stake in Filipino live-streaming app Kumu.Filipino-American technopreneur Roland Ros launched the app in February 2018, and it has since ranked among the
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Recently, Pinay YouTuber Anna Cay announced that she will be launching two exciting projects this year: a mobile app and her own makeup line. While Anna hasn't revealed when the exact release date of her makeup line is yet, her mobile
Yasss, kween!
Pinay YouTuber Anna Cay just announced two major projects that she will be launching this year: Her own makeup line and a mobile app for her followers!Anna made the exciting announcements during a YouTube live session on August 5, 2018. In
Dark times are over: Instagram finally understands that everyone has the right to be a little curious and that's why they've decided to STOP TELLING OTHER PEOPLE WHEN YOU'VE TAKEN SCREENSHOTS OF THEIR STORIES.*Pausing for
The app also connects individuals with licensed professionals.
Dealing with depression can be extremely challenging, especially for working adults. While students can at least take a break from school, adults often keep their condition a secret for fear of the stigma surrounding depression in the workplace.Then there's
Time to download these apps!
The obsession with everything vintage continues. After the craze over film-emulating apps, we were bound to see a new and trendy way to edit our 'grams. Pull up your feed now and you'll see the likes of Issa
Perfect those summer OOTDs!
Amidst the Kira Kira and Boomerang posts all over Instagram, there's a cool new app you can use on your OOTDs to stand out. Plotaverse offers animation that will make any background come to life.One of the first few
This sh*t is real. I tried it out myself!
Because there is literally no mystery left in this world, there are now apps that tell you when someone's unfollowed you. After meticulously studying them (jk, I literally just downloaded every free app I could find and picked the prettiest
And it's working.
Even though I was born with asthma, I lived the first 20 years of my life without any major attacks. I think I was rushed to the ER once when I was around nine years old, but I barely remember that. The
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Did the on-demand companionship app just ghost us?
Last week, lifestyle site reported that a quirky new app called Pangga, an on-demand companionship service, was officially available.The report noted: "Pangga, from a Visayan term of endearment, is an app that lets singles rent a pretend-boyfriend
How smart!
When Instagram introduced a new algorithm last July, people were pissed. Users were complaining about the lack of new content on their feed, photos they *actually* wanted to see not appearing on their timelines and, arguably the most important bit, a big
And there's an app to track how many times it happens to you on a daily basis!
Remember back in 2009 when Kanye pulled a completely douche move and interrupted Taylor Swift at the VMAs? The whole world cringed, and we never really forgot about it.Unfortunately, that kind of shit, aptly called ~manterruption~, happens to women every single
The Victoria's Secret model shut down rumors via her app.
Kendall Jenner took to her app to shut down claims she's had plastic surgery, saying, "why would I?"In November 2016, Kendall sparked speculation that she'd had lip fillers when she uploaded a picture to Twitter along with the caption: "
Finally, an update we care about!
Let's be real: 2016 was a complete shit show.Facebook knows how badly we need to bring the ~*sparkle*~ back into our lives, which is why their newest update is something we're really excited about.According to Tech Crunch, Facebook
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