These are super helpful!
It's 2020-there's an app for literally everything now. Need cool apps to edit your photos to make 'em gram-worthy? We got you. Want to pay your bills in the comfort of your own home? No
All you need is your phone!
Be the CEO of cool Instagram posts by learning these photo-editing tricks! The best part? You don't a fancy PC or Photoshop skills-all you need is your phone and a bit of patience. Below, we've listed
Enter Co-Star.
Before, we'd only ever mention our zodiac signs when we're filling out our grade school friends' slambooks. Now, though, the entire world wide web has taken particular interest in astrology and what they say about our personalities,
We got to keep you focused. ;)
Even if you don't have an account (yet), there's a big chance you've heard of TikTok. And if it doesn't sound familiar, I guarantee you're following at least one person on Instagram
What's your favorite photo editing app rn?
Admit it: You'll do everything you can to get that double tap-worthy shot, like dressing up in cute outfits, posing by every colorful mural, and of course, giving up precious storage space for your photo editing apps. However, some of
See what the hype is all about!
By now, there's a good chance you've seen the game Adorable Home all over social media (and on every other phone you accidentally look at on the MRT). It's literally *everywhere*-people are posting hacks on Twitter;
Gusto mo ba maging mas efficient with your money?
I have to admit na takot na takot talaga ako about entering the ~*adult world*~. Sobrang dami ko kasing hindi pa alam. TBH, the main reason why I feel so clueless about adulting is because hindi naman nila tinuturo 'to sa school.
Do you love cooking traditional lutong-bahay Filipino dishes? Or maybe, like me, you're a fan of EATING them and now you want to learn how to MAKE them. Pinoy company Ranida Games has released a mobile game called Cooking
It’s time to put your 'Kadenang Ginto' knowledge to the test!
Just how familiar are you with the past episodes of ABS-CBN's Kadenang Ginto? If you're feeling confident, now is your chance to win a cool P1 million by simply joining KUMU's "Quiz Mo Ko" trivia game on
There's a serious security breach that you can fix straight away.
Upgrade to the latest version of your WhatsApp, stat.This is what Facebook is urging its roughly 1.5 billion users, after receiving a report of a security breach from the Financial Times (FT). "WhatsApp encourages people to upgrade to the latest
Wave goodbye to exclusive Kardashian access.
The Keeping Up With The Kardashians crew are making the joint decision to close their apps in 2019, so you can wave goodbye to all that extra Kardashian-Jenner access.In a post on her website, Kim Kardashian confirmed that she, alongside
Channel your inner influencer in 3, 2, 1...
You know those people whose Insta pics look flawless every damn time? Yeah, they aren't using the app's stock set of filters to get that glossy finish. They're using specialized editing apps, which are key to
Because if it isn't in your Stories, it didn't happen.
As if perfecting our feeds wasn't stressful enough, Instagram's recent update included the Story Highlights option, which lets you keep your favorite (aka best of the absolute best) Stories front and center on your profile forever. So what
Time to free up space in your smart phone.
Traveling out of the country soon? Be a smarter traveler by downloading these free apps on your phone before you take that flight.Visit Kate on and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.
Social media isn't purely evil.
A number of people, celebs included, have gone on a social media detox. There are benefits to it, as well as some hiccups. For sure there are lessons to be learned when you do something this drastic (in 21st century standards, of
Plus nine other apps we were hooked on!
1. slither.ioRemember Snake, the game you used to play on your Nokia 3310? Well is like that except now you have a smartphone. TBH, its popularity is probably due to our nostalgia. 2. Pokemon Go Everybody went cray for
Plus three more updates you don't want to miss.
If you're at all familiar with Snapchat-and by now, you really should be-you've experienced the first world pain of having to scroll through a massive friend list just so you can show your squad how on point your
Of course, researchers acknowledge that some people really just don't like colors, and some photos really just look better in black and white.
Researchers from Harvard University and The University of Vermont discovered a link between the use of certain Instagram filters and depression. They studied 166 individuals and found a strong enough connection that those suffering quietly could get help much sooner. Each participant
Evan Spiegel's gonna be pissed.
Just when you thought the photo and video-sharing apps, Instagram and Snapchat, have made peace with each other, Instagram goes and poaches one of Snapchat's signature features: Stories.Like Snapchat, IG's new offering allows users to compile, annotate, and
Because we all need a little help sometimes.
Adulting has got to be one of the most intimidating parts of life. From birth, we've followed a rough "plan"; we knew what we were supposed to do next. Adulting can be jarring and it's different for everyone. It can
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