Flaunt them all day, every day!
Make sure your underarms look their best all summer long with these tips!Waxing slows down hair regrowth, while shaving is more affordable and pain-free. Whichever hair removal method you prefer, do it regularly it so you'll have hair-
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No shame in raising your arms!
1. Thou shall use a proper hair removal method.Is it shaving, plucking, waxing, or lasering? When it comes to underarm hair removal, the final answer depends on many factors. Shaving is easier, but you need to pick the right kind of
Girl had a pit party. It was pit perfect.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with showing off your armpit hair, as demonstrated by Miley Cyrus. When the singer went onstage to present an award during the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 18, she raised her arms to reveal
It involves dyeing your armpit hair in rainbow colors.
So who here wants to dye their armpits orange?Seattle-based hairstylist Roxie Hunt has always wanted to color her clients' armpit hair, but she couldn't find a customer who would volunteer. So, she asked one of her coworkers, Rain, to
Ever wonder why guys pine over milky-white armpits and dainty feet? It's only because they can't resist the visceral instincts that come with being, well, a guy.
If you still don't know why your husband/boyfriend/father/brother take time off their busy schedule to sneak in some pornography viewing (yes, men watch X-rated movies, but it doesn't make them love you any less), the answer
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