Keep a piece of JL for yourself.
Actor John Lloyd Cruz just joined a four-man art exhibit at the West Gallery In Quezon City. Using his real name Idan Cruz, the actor-artist is showcasing his latest photo artwork captures in a series entitled "Void."The photographs use
Say hello to 520 computers + 470 projectors.
The "ultra-technologists" of teamLab is opening a museum in Japan that's guaranteed to snatch yo wigs and level up your Instagram feeds. Thanks to the Mori Group, Epson, as well as 520 computers and 470 projectors, the Mori Building
I sat naked for 15 minutes so that strangers could draw me; it was wonderful.
You gotta see her doodle of Solenn Heussaff!
With only a whiteboard and a marker, Heart Evangelista proves she is LEGIT talented in the drawing challenge below:VIDEO PRODUCED BY: Jacinda A. LopezVIDEO SHOT BY: Sam Navalta and Erika DupaliVIDEO EDITED BY: Sam Navalta and Gellary Paredes Follow
It's like stepping into another dimension!
Whether you're in the middle of planning your Singapore itinerary or just dreaming of the day you finally visit The Little Red Dot, chances are you've seen these photos all over Instagram:This *stunning* exhibit is currently at
This puts a whole new meaning to the phrase 'sitting on a throne.'
Just when you think you've seen it all, the Internet goes, "Wait, here's one more thing that'll make you go, 'WTF?'"Artist Illma Gore worked hard for three months to gift the world with
Truly, an artist in every sense.
Britney Spears may be one of the most iconic pop stars of all time, but she's also recently dabbled in the world of art. Who can forget this iconic Instagram video of her painting a diptych united by strong purples
Pinoy artist Edward Neibert III re-imagined our favorite childhood heroines!
The Disney princesses (including queens and honorary royalty a.k.a. Mulan) come from all over the world: the Middle East (Jasmine from Aladdin), Scotland (Merida from Brave), and Arendelle, the fictional country of Elsa and Ana from Frozen. We have yet
Introducing Cinta Tort Cartró.
Instagram has become the leading ground for so much wonderful body positivity-based art, and 21-year-old Cinta Tort Cartró is the latest artist to make waves with her gorgeous and truly empowering work.On her account @zinteta, Cartró uses rainbow
The domino effect is hard to watch.
Most of the time selfies are harmless, if not slightly obnoxious to scroll past in your Instagram feed. But sometimes selfies can destroy $200,000 worth of art.Earlier this month, a woman visiting an exhibit by Hong Kong-based artist Simon
Beauty junkies, you NEED to look at these.
What gives a beauty addict life and inspiration? More makeup, of course! The industry is sooo huge that you can never run out of products to look at and try out. But when beauty is combined with art, well, it will give
Sometimes, you should just put your damn phone away.
Editor's Note: A polka-dotted gourd by Yayoi Kusama-a standalone piece-earlier sold for $784,485. However, the individual pumpkins in the Infinity Room at the Hirshhorn Museum have no value on their own. You know how there are some
Warning: these are fairly graphic.
Public art just got a whole lot more ~scintillating~.According to The Daily Dot, some graffiti artist is spray painting all sorts of pornographic messages around Belgium. The art has been popping up around the Brussels area and it is ris-kay.
Tips on how to encourage more creative thinking!
Just as there are multiple types of intelligence, there are also different styles of creativity. Some creatives prefer more structured methods while some thrive in ambiguous approaches. Merlee Cruz-Jayme, authour and illustrator of Everyone Can Be Creative, shares some of her
It captures what it's like to be a basic bitch at this day and age.
Instagram/amaliaulmanGo through Argentina-born artist Amalia Ulman's Instagram grid, and from the snaps you can figure out the story of her life: She's a provincial girl who moved to Los Angeles with hopes of making it big in the
Penis artwork, anyone?
Think your job or passion project is unusual or weird or cool? You should know about Soraya Doolbaz, a woman who decided to take dick pics and give the penises "personalities" by dressing them up.Word got out about Doolbaz and her
Eight local artists makeover one of the most famous sneakers in the past four decades. Check out their creative designs!
Do you remember your very first pair of sneakers? While most girls love to wear sexy sandals and sky-high heels, nothing beats that comfy, reliable pair that served as go-to footwear when we were growing up. Just recently, one of
This Fun, Fearless Female Awardee creates unique artworks that are getting raves both here and abroad. Find out more about the young painter and collage artist.
Many of us have hobbies we enjoy in our free time, but few would dare to forgo a secure day job in order to pursue their passions. That's exactly what artist Dina Gadia did, and her gamble has paid off. The
Turn your vacation into a fun and surreal sensory experience at this unique Kowloon-based accommodation.
Hong Kong is one of the hottest vacation spots right now for fashionistas, foodies, and those just looking for a break from the daily grind. If you plan on heading over there for some shopping and culture-immersing with your man (particularly
Don't fall for the tourist traps. Get in touch with your inner child and go back to nature with a foreign outdoor art exhibit!
When you take a trip out of the country, the tendency is to act like a typical tourist and visit the traps designed to attract newcomers with money to spend. The novelty wears off after a few hours and boredom kicks in
A Fun Fearless Female 2010 Awardee, this artist and filmmaker tells Cosmo about her greatest achievement--something she wants for all women, too.
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