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We’re loving her NYC posts!
Bea Alonzo is having a blast in New York, as seen on her Instagram feed and IG Stories. A big fan of Game Of Thrones, Bea was thrilled to bump into a couple of White Walkers at Times Square. She hasn't
29-year-old Mansy Abesamis talks about how she started the washi tape movement in the Philippines.
Mansy Abesamis tells us how she turned Hey Kessy-once just a modest stall in 10a Alabama-into a hub for both novice and seasoned crafters.How did Hey Kessy come to life?My brothers and I grew up making our own
Get in the back-to-school groove with these DIY home supplies, paper crafts, and creative artwork that will inspire you to get your space in shape for a new sem.
Most college students are too preoccupied with academic matters, love woes, and friendship ties to pay much attention to their living space. You get home from school, toss your dirty clothes on the growing pile on the floor, and get to work
Watch and be inspired by this artist activist who longs for the day when the word "artist" can truly apply to both man and woman.