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13 Asian gems?! What more can we ask for?
June is a huuuge month for Asian titles 'cause we've got a whole lot of them dropping on Netflix! So what exactly is in store for us next month? Well, we have a slew of local films (Maledicto, Cara
We've got Filipino, Thai, Indian, Chinese, and Korean content coming our way!
For May, Netflix outdid itself with the variety of Asian content coming to the platform. We've got our very own Filipino films, a mysterious Thai series, heart-tugging Indian films, a Chinese fantasy drama, and beloved Korean dramas-yup, all
Who else thinks binge-watching is the perfect summer activity?!
It's officially summer, everyone! Since this is the *second* summer most of us are spending indoors, why not travel ~all over Asia~ and elsewhere with these new drops on Netflix this April? We've got Lee Dong Wook'
If you're into Chinese and Korean titles, this list is for you!
We've got a brand new selection of Asian titles in store for us this month! From a Chinese fantasy series to a Korean BL drama, here are five new titles that can be exclusively streamed on IQIYI in January 2021:
For your Asian drama fix!
K-dramas are all the rage and chances are, you already have a list of titles to watch. But hear us out: What about Chinese-language dramas? You've probably seen the old and new versions of Meteor Garden, but there
Clear your weekend because we swear you’ll never leave your couch!
It's great to be an Asian drama fan because you literally never run out of new things to watch! From kilig rom-coms to exciting thrillers and tear-jerking melodramas, there's something for your every mood. Read on