The man allegedly chased after Justin's car after the incident.
Justin Bieber allegedly punched out a man who was assaulting a woman at a Coachella party.TMZ reports that the singer was at a Coachella party on Saturday when a man "went ballistic" and allegedly grabbed a woman by the throat. Justin
'If you walk around thinking you can grope people, you're a f*cking mysoginist.'
Pinay fashion designer, milliner, and corsetiere Mich Dulce posted a video on Instagram and Facebook showing a man she was having a shouting match with-but it was no ordinary argument, because it was the guy who groped her.In an interview
'He had a handful of my ass. I know it was him.'
Taylor Swift was the first witness called to the stand in a Denver federal court Thursday, the fourth day of the singer's groping trial against former DJ David Mueller. As BuzzFeed's Claudia Rosenbaum reported from court, Swift testified in the
'It wasn't enough that he was emotionally and physically abusive; he cheated on me, too. '
I've always prided myself in being a strong, independent, successful alpha female who would never allow herself to be used and abused by anyone. My time with Enzo* proved how wrong I was. Enzo and I had an intoxicating whirlwind romance.
Here's a guide from lawyers.
We've heard stories about how some people were too stunned to do anything after being raped or sexually harassed. We can't imagine their complete disbelief, horror, and disgust. Some are traumatized.These victims can seek and reclaim justice. But how,
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