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Their artistic flair makes them on par with good-looking guys.
A study done by psychologist Christopher Watkins at the Abertay University in Scotland reveals that men who aren't classified as handsome can still attract women-as long as they're creative. An Agence France-Presse (AFP) report explains: "Watkins first recruited
No. 7, for real?!
Most movies will tell you that guys are only attracted to breasts and butts, but since men are people, that can't be totally true. They're probably also attracted to, like, trivia knowledge and the ability to make smoothies, right? Right?
They just can't help themselves.
We all know that every time a man gives us the once-over, he's probably thinking about sex. But now, science can explain why men are constantly checking us out. Turns out, there's a specific formula for their once-over.
We all have a "type," and it's based on something!
A new study published in the journal Current Biology has found that "types" exist, and that in a way beauty is in the eye of the beholder. According to it, there's a 50 percent chance that someone else will find our
And breaking news, it's not boobs!
Yes, men are attracted to women's breasts and butts. Guys like girls with big assets because they appear more fertile and nurturing. But when looking for a life partner, men value intelligence the most! Can you believe it?David Bainbridge, a
Want to catch that cutie's eye? We present to you five unlikely weapons of attraction that are guaranteed to get him to notice you.
1. Anything With WheelsA skateboard, a scooter, vintage roller skates--guys get turned on by mobile, adventurous chicks.2. A Crossword PuzzleGuys love to show off how smart they are. Look stumped and he'll jump at the chance to help out.
Our surface qualities can draw men in--or push them away. Find out which traits leave a huge impression on the guys you meet.
You know that look where his eyes slide past you...then turn back? Wouldn't it be great to know what stopped him? You totally can. "There are a few things men instantly observe when they meet a woman," says Jackie Black,
Master these secrets for winning over a guy friend, acquaintance, or sexy stranger effortlessly!
How To Make A Guy Friend See You As A Possible GirlfriendTake him out for a spicy dinner, like Mexican or Thai. The hot sensation triggers an unconscious personality association, so he'll see you as a fiery chick. Follow it up
Sure, today promises to be extra romantic, but you can keep the flame alive with these simple tricks.
1. Do good together.A study recently revealed that men and women find altruistic people more attractive. But, you don't need to make like Brangelina and adopt an orphanage--just pick one afternoon this month to volunteer together.2. Wow him columnist Bianca Valerio discusses why people with similar personalities don't always make the best love match.
It makes perfect sense to be drawn to someone similar to you. Studies have shown that narcissistic individuals are often (unconsciously) attracted to those who have nearly the same physical attributes, mannerisms, and the like. It's almost like looking into a
Learn to flirt without even opening your mouth. Master the body language tricks that will make guys go out of their way to meet you--and possibly date you on V-Day!
Everyone has that friend who constantly gets hit on--even though she may not be the prettiest girl in the group. Whether that beeyatch (kidding...kind of) realizes it or not, she's using silent cues that men inherently have a hard
Practice these seduction tricks at your New Year's Eve bash. Master them and you'll have gorgeous men wrapped around your finger throughout 2012!
When you're gearing up for a night out, you probably have a pretty standard checklist: Sexy top? Clearly. Killer pair of heels? Of course. But, there's a big difference between a guy checking you out and a guy who can'
These out-of-bed activities with your man may seem pretty tame to you, but they actually make your bond under the sheets as sizzling as ever.
1. Whip out the broom.A recent study found that men who do more work around the house have more sex. "Watching your guy pitch in makes you want to get closer to him," says Linda Miles, PhD, author of Friendship On
We know that guys aren't big on talking about their feelings, but you can get a clue from his body language. We got experts to tell us what they mean.
His Touch #1: The Sideways Lean-InYou'll notice this gesture when you're sitting next to each other on a date. It's subtle and might seem like an accident (for example, you brush shoulders sharing a menu), but it might
Ready to take it to the next level with that guy you've been dating? Here's how to tell if you're actually compatible in bed!
1. Your voice changes.Talking in a deeper tone around him is a subconscious sign that he turns you on; on the other hand, if your voice gets higher than usual, you're feeling intimate. Both hint at a promising physical pairing.
Here are simple things any girl can do to create an alluring, mysterious vibe.
Have a habit of backing out of rooms so guys don't ogle your backside? Well, you're about to trade that kind of behavior for a look-at-me-I'm-hot act. Use these moves to kick-start your confidence
Looking as smoking as you were the first time he laid eyes on you will not only pump up your confidence, it will also make him work extra hard to keep such a hot honey.
As a fixture on the single-gal circuit, you probably always made it a point to look good, even when just dashing out for a quick coffee. And really, it's a relief not to have to care so much about, say,
Sometimes it's hard to tell if a guy really digs you. Here are a few peculiar behaviors that give him away.
No matter how cocky a guy seems, he'd rather have his chest waxed than risk being rejected by you. So instead of sticking his neck out with a straightforward come-on, he might work his mojo magic in these mysterious ways....