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She wore a jumpsuit to her civil wedding!
ICYMI, Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero are now married! After 18 years of being together, the couple finally tied the knot in an intimate civil ceremony on Thursday, June 9.Instead of a wedding dress, Aubrey chose to celebrate her big day
Longtime couple Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero are notoriously low-key about their relationship, so it comes as no surprise that they chose to get married sans the glam and away from the public eye.Yesterday, June 9, they ~finally~ tied the
'This little person here gave us a whole different meaning to life.'
Ever since Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero opened up about their daughter Rocket's ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) diagnosis last month, the celebrity parents have been constantly raising awareness of the condition on their respective social media pages.In an Instagram
'You just need to know where to go.'
Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles shared a heartfelt revelation on social media a few days ago.Aubrey shared a lengthy post on IG about how their three-year-old daughter, Rocket, was diagnosed with ASD or autism spectrum disorder."We didn'
'I feel like a kid when I look at my ring.'
Even after being together for 18 years, Aubrey Miles says she still feels butterflies now that she's engaged to Troy Montero.In an interview with Dolly Anne Carvajal of Inquirer, the actress shared the charming story behind Troy's
They're aging like fine wine!
Time goes by, but it might not be the case for this crop of local actresses who, beyond their mesmerizing talents, don't even seem to age. Bringing beauty and brains as well as years of experience to the table, these women
The couple has been together since 2003.
After 18 years of being together, Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero are *officially* engaged! The couple took to Instagram to share the exciting news. On Tuesday, March 22, Troy posted a photo of him and Aubrey kayaking in Boracay while showing the
Happy birthday, Aubrey!
It looks like Aubrey Miles has not aged a day! Aubrey, who turned 42 on March 16, shared some of her realizations now that she's in her '40s. On Instagram, Aubrey shared, "My vibe ever since. When I reached
They were supposed to get married after 17 years of being together.
Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero opened up about a lot of things in their latest YouTube video. In the vid, the showbiz couple talked about why they haven't been married yet after almost two decades of being together and why,
Let these local celebs inspire you to start moving again.
Somewhere in the world, there are people who wake up before their alarms, are energized without needing two cups of coffee, and can spend an hour every day exercising before clocking in for work. I don't know those people. My
May they be ~fitness inspos~ for you and your partner!
Sometimes, the stars (no pun intended) align and hot, rich, and famous people end up dating-or, in some cases, marrying-each other. Let's be real: We love to see it because it's weirdly satisfying to see attractive
Chic hairstyles that thrive in neglect.
While we're still in quarantine, it's much safer for us to prolong the time between our hair appointments. So when you do go in for a haircut, choose a flattering style that you can also freely neglect for
These moms totally nailed it!
We love how celebs are ~owning their baby bumps~ and having out-of-the-box maternity shoots! Here are some of the best ones we spotted over the past year: Aubrey Miles, who made sure to stay fit even during her pregnancy,
She has around 45 plants at home!
Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero have gradually been transforming their all-white home into an indoor jungle. Every empty space is filled with a variety of potted plants:Each room appears to have a bunch of them, giving the space a refreshing
'I don't know why we hardly celebrate Valentine's Day or even give gifts to each other.'
For the longest time, Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero have always treated February 14 as an ordinary day.Yesterday morning, the 40-year-old celebrity mom posted a photo of her partner with their newborn daughter Baby Rocket looking adorable in his
They've got lounge chairs, TVs, karaoke systems—the works!
When showbiz stars are at their busiest, the road becomes their second home. That's why many of them have had their vans converted into mobile homes by Atoy Customs, their favored car shop.Atoy Customs has popularized the term "Manila-
She's owning that baby bump.
On October 12, Troy Montero posted on Instagram a photo of longtime partner Aubrey Miles flaunting her baby bump in the most glorious way: Wearing a dainty off-shoulder gown, she's sitting at the edge of a bathtub and is
And it's a...
Celebrity couple Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero are happy parents to Hunter and Maurie (Aubrey's son with former partner JP Obligacion). In June, they announced that there's going to be a new member in their family and we&#
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on July 4, 2018!
After announcing her pregnancy over the weekend, Aubrey Miles debuted her growing baby bump on Instagram. The 38-year-old fitness enthusiast revealed that she's on her second trimester in the caption, saying, "Here you go guys. Chest out stomach
Congratulations, Aubrey and Troy!
Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero shared a happy piece of news today, June 30: They're expecting! Aubrey posted about her pregnancy on her Instagram account with a photo that resembles a movie poster. The photo bears the words, "The New