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And a pretty high percentage of these involve John Travolta.
It's an emotional thing winning an Oscar, sure, but maybe take it down a notch next time Gwyn, yeah? Plus, the Shakespeare In Love star managed to mention every single member of her family-some twice in fact.Who the
Featuring Nicole Kidman being, erm, well Nicole Kidman.
Mariah tweeted about the incident and begged for Meryl's forgiveness.They just couldn't seem to line up their lips.The young actor couldn't believe his luck when he got sat next to the famous ice-skater.
If you're after something that will make you cringe so hard you want to crawl into a hole and never come out again, try streaming these 14 awkward celebrity interviews back-to-back.1. When a presenter told Cara Delevingne she "
Gretchen had to interview Robi for a smartphone launch, and let's just say the interview got...awkward.
It hasn't even been a week since Robi Domingo's grand video surprise for ex-girlfriend Gretchen Ho during the Bb. Pilipinas pageant on Monday night, and now the two have another public encounter.At a smartphone launch last night, Gretchen,
'I would love to not talk about my personal life.'
We so love to remember the time Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift went apple picking in an orchard on their very first date, but Jake doesn't want to talk about it. Period.The actor is currently promoting sci-fi thriller Life,
Raising your hand to high-five someone but not getting high-fived back.
1. Seeing someone you know walking toward you from a mile away and pretending you hadn't seen him until you two get close enough to greet each other.You fiddle with your phone, rummage through your bag, or stare dumbly at
Thanks a lot, Spain.
1. Taking forever to write your name on the test paper. Your classmates are already answering questions 1 and 2, while you're still stuck at writing your name. Teachers should give long-named students a 30-second head start!2. Stating
First dates exist to remind us that deep down, we're all just awkward human beings.
1. The Awkward Silence It's like a first date rite of passage. It is completely normal but awkward silence is still, well, awkward. You both could have just met, or you have met but this is your first time being alone
When you forget to mute your computer and the unmistakable Facebook chat tone blares. Busted.
1. When you're behind the same person through a succession of doors. Do you say, "Thank you," each time? Or just one sincere thank you at the first door and nothing at the following doors? GAH.2. When someone sneezes a