A first-person POV video featuring the hunks and games at the fun, flirty fete!
The Cosmo Bachelor Bash this year was held in the MOA Concert Grounds on September 5 as the first-ever #CosmoCarnival! Here's a video you'd definitely love to replay-it shows, after all, the biggest Boyfriend Buffet in the country!
Who says we're done with the Cosmo Bachelor Bash? Hey, September's not over yet!
Monday blues? Here's something to cheer you up: We dug through our COSMOMEN archives and found MORE footage from the #COSMO69 bachelors' photoshoot!Enjoy, ladies. We know you want more! Watch Part 2 below.While you're at it, relive the
INSIDER SECRETS, straight from the Cosmo Bachelors!
Joseph MarcoWhat he pulled out: Three customized bras with "Joseph" and "Marco" written on the cups! What inspired your gimmick? "I was part of the Cosmo Bachelor Bash two years ago, and I gave away panties then. So now it's a
<i>Pan de sal</i>, anyone?
With so much ripped realness at Cosmo Tower 69, this was a tough gallery to round up. But one thing's for sure: These guys DO NOT need Photoshop! More on the Bachelor Bash HERE!
a.k.a. Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2014, in pecs.
Check out the best chiseled chests from this year's Cosmo Bachelor Bash!More on the Bachelor Bash HERE!
Strong and sturdy, just the way we like it!
Imagine being cradled in the arms of these hunky bachelors! We're rounding up the BEST ARMS on the Cosmo Tower 69 runway. You're welcome, ladies!More on the Bachelor Bash HERE!
Relive all the hot Centerfold highlights from the Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2014!
YES, these boys have been VERY bad, and we love it! In case you missed the Bachelor Bash, here's a recap of our 10 sizzling Centerfolds' walk down the Tower 69 runway. Click through the gallery to see Paulo Avelino, James
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