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Another day, another batch of sexy Bachelors! Check out the behind-the-scenes gallery from our second Bachelor shoot!
Last week, we treated you ladies to an exclusive behind-the-scenes gallery of our 2012 Cosmo Bachelor shoot. How could anyone resist those dreamy smiles, dazzling eyes, and heaving six-packs? These men clearly know how to drive women crazy, and
Missing our dreamy Bachelors already? You're not alone--we are, too! Launch the gallery to see photos from Bachelor shoots that you won't see anywhere else!
Can you believe it was only last month when we revealed this year's sizzling Boyfriend Buffet? From the cute boy-next-door to the unforgiving sex god, we gathered some of the country's hottest men for your--and our--viewing
Our third batch of sizzling studs lets you in on their athletic and artistic pursuits, their <i>pa</i>-cute moves, and the dream date that would set off fireworks in their hearts.
Cosmo has a star-studded roster of Bachelors this year--as we're sure you know. So, it's now time to give you an insider's look at what went on during their HOT (and wet!) Cosmo shoot!
We love discovering never-before-seen sexy men and making them part of Cosmo's 69 Bachelors, year after year. But, you have to admit, some of the hottest men in the land are already in the spotlight. That's why we
We got these hot men wet for the Cosmo Men supplement by making them plunge into a pool! Click through over 100 behind-the-scenes photos and read their answers to steamy questions.
To kick off the final week of the month of men in Cosmo and to complement your experience of leafing through the 2011 Cosmo Men supplement, we treat you to over 100 behind-the-scenes photos of 15 of this year's
We shoot more Bachelors by the pool, and you know what that means: we get to see their hot, half-naked bods in all their gorgeous, tanned glory!
As we ride on the Bachelor Bash high, check out <i>another</i> batch of steamy behind-the-scenes photos, where you'll see swoon-worthy men take their shirts off by the pool!
A lot of hard work goes into our annual Cosmo Men supplement, but being surrounded by a group of friendly, funny, and fiercely handsome Bachelors at the shoots makes work feel like playtime.After going gaga over photos from the 2011 Cosmo
This time, we get our bachelors really wet for the pages of Cosmo Men by making them plunge into a pool! Watch the sexy behind-the-scenes video.
To get you even more excited for the Cosmo Men 2011 supplement, we've now posted FULL photos (read: not just faces) of 69 Bachelors and 10 Centerfolds of 2009!
We continue our countdown to the much-anticipated September 2011 Cosmo Men ish by uploading photos of the HOTTEST hunks of 2006!
As we countdown 69 DAYS 'til the Cosmo Men 2011 supplement is out (with the September ish), we're treating you to a yummy trip down memory lane with the hottest men of 2005!
Innocent-looking Matteo went wild for Cosmo when we made him Centerfold this year! Even his interview was sexy! See behind-the-scenes clips--FINALLY!