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They're also extremely talented, stylish, athletic, and generous, aka #perfect.
Every June, Town&Country Philippines releases its Men's issue, where readers can find local and international lists of the top 50 bachelors. The featured men are not just good-looking. They're also extremely talented, stylish, athletic, or generous.Here are
Don't worry. You (probably) have nothing to worry about.
Few words strike more fear into the hearts of girlfriends/fiancées/wives everywhere than: "I have a bachelor party to go to this weekend." But you (probably) have nothing to worry about. As much as "bachelor party" conjures up images of
He said what?! Launch the gallery to read some LOL-worthy lines we heard from bachelors during go-sees.
The guys who auditioned to be part of the September CosmoMen supplement might've been lookers, but some of the things that came out of their mouths were just so...WTF? It's true what they say: You can't have 'em
Here's the grand finale to our series of behind-the-scenes looks from our Cosmo Bachelor 2012 auditions!
It seems that our country is wealthier than it the hottie department, that is. Our Cosmo Men supplement last month was a testament to the abundance of good genes in the land. We're showing you some more of the
We'll get you swooning once more as we reveal exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the third day of our bachelor shoot!
Imagine 20 babelicious guys stripping down and showing off their signature pa-pogi moves for you day after day. Too hot to handle, right? Well, your Cosmo team were just about the luckiest gals on the planet when they got to live
Another day, another batch of sexy Bachelors! Check out the behind-the-scenes gallery from our second Bachelor shoot!
Last week, we treated you ladies to an exclusive behind-the-scenes gallery of our 2012 Cosmo Bachelor shoot. How could anyone resist those dreamy smiles, dazzling eyes, and heaving six-packs? These men clearly know how to drive women crazy, and
Missing our dreamy Bachelors already? You're not alone--we are, too! Launch the gallery to see photos from Bachelor shoots that you won't see anywhere else!
Can you believe it was only last month when we revealed this year's sizzling Boyfriend Buffet? From the cute boy-next-door to the unforgiving sex god, we gathered some of the country's hottest men for your--and our--viewing
Fall in love with our last batch of Bachelors as they spill the girl traits that get them interested and the flirting techniques they'd use to reel you in.
Our next batch of Cosmo Bachelors spill their girlfriend preferences, their notice-me maneuvers, and their idea of the most romantic date ever!
We asked our hot, hot Bachelors to dish their boyfriend-worthy assets and confess what they love about Cosmo.
Hot Cosmo bachelors confess what they find more attractive in girls: hair that sways with life or hair that bounces with life.
We're showing you some of the studs who came to the Cosmo Bachelor 2012 auditions! Meet more of the wanna-Bachelors in part 2 of our go-see galleries!
We still can't get over the Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2012! The hunk-filled festivities left us swooning, drooling, and in the mood to scope the scene for more strapping young studs. Just because the Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2012 is over doesn'
How would the Centerfolds catch your eye at a club? We ambushed the boys to seek answers--check out the hot photos we got!
At last night's Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2012, we got the best seats in the house--but we're not talking front row. We went where all the no-holds-barred, never-before-seen action took place: backstage, baby! The models, Bachelors,
The hunkiest studs in the country gather at the hottest party of the year. See all the nice, naughty, and oh-no-he-didn't action in our exclusive photo gallery!
Temperatures hit maximum level at the World Trade Center last night, where the country's finest, hottest, and sexiest men paraded their chiseled bods up and down the ramp at the Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2012--to the delight of thousands of screaming
Hunky hot or maybe not? You be the judge. Check out the boys who auditioned to be included among Cosmo's 69 Bachelors in part 1 of our go-see galleries!
Early this month, our hunk-filled pages featuring Cosmo's 69 drool-worthy Bachelors and 10 of the most sizzling celebrity studs in the land hit newsstands nationwide! But before all the magic happened, the hardworking staff of Cosmo spent months getting
Can't wait for September's Cosmo Men supplement? Here's a little something to get you stoked and salivating: 15 of the hottest studs in Centerfold history!
We're nearing the end of August, and despite the dark clouds and endless downpour that threatens to dampen the mood, we're here to bring back some of that heat you've all been missing. Since the rain outside is such
He made you swoon with his various looks all November, but it's time we gave you a peek at the work that went on behind the camera--and in between the shots that made it to his four-week feature!
If we are to base it on how well you've been responding to Mark Alejandro, he's arguably one your best loved Cosmo Online Hunks this year. He had a pretty special month, you've got to admit. For the first
You've caught the show live AND on ETC last night! Now, we bring you exclusive interviews with and over 140 photos of the boys backstage--preparing to drive you wild!
We know you loved this year's nautical-themed Cosmo Bachelor Bash: Beyond Hot (which you caught on ETC last night!). The Cosmo Men won your screams of approval onstage, but now we're showing you what went on backstage, so you
Missed last night's super steamy event for readers? View the highlights here, plus snapshots of our gorgeous guests!
After accumulating the most points in the online Scavenger Hunt promo, 75 female Cosmo Match members (who all brought one girlfriend each!) got exclusive invites to a very special event, the Singles' Bash, last night, November 24, at 7th High
Finally see what went on <i>backstage,</i> where we talked to your fave celeb Bachelors! Watch the telecast of the Cosmo Bachelor Bash on ETC next Sunday, Nov. 27, at 9PM!