Like giving you a bad rep and outlook.
1. It lowers your confidence.The proper posture makes your body release testosterone, the hormone associated with great confidence. It even helps you think and feel powerful. So if you're slouched or hunched, you're not helping yourself feel good and
It shouldn't be an "S" but a "J!"
When we were kids, we were told to stand or sit up straight, or to stop slouching. We pushed our shoulders back and put our chest out, thinking this was the proper posture. After all, our backs were no longer hunched and
Want to give a sexy and sultry impression on men? Show your skin on the right parts and leave guys fantasizing and wanting more.
We all know men love sexy women--it's just that they define "sexy" in different ways. Aside from the woman's shape and cup size, another thing that would determine sexiness for them is just around which part of
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