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Bacne is that bitch that we all want to get rid of immediately. Although we can't really see the pimples, the thought of having them is simply annoying. Also, bacne is something we can't just ignore-the zits
Backless dresses rejoice!
Acne: Everybody gets them. They're annoying, they're unsightly and sometimes they just. Won't. Go. The odd pimple popping up on your face is no big drama. We're lucky enough to be surrounded by a
Bacne, be gone!
Body acne (or bacne) is a such a bitch. When you have zits on your body, you can become self-conscious when wearing clothes that show off a lot of skin. While there are ways to heal them (thank you, skincare gods),
Right this way for a clear, smooth back!
Bacne, or back acne, is annoying and it needs to go, like right now. They can be caused by sweat and oil clogging up pores on our back, friction from clothes, or hair products that are not rinsed off completely when showering.
Your zits won’t know what hit 'em.
When it comes to pimples, the best way to avoid scars and dark marks is by not squeezing or pricking breakouts on your own. But that doesn't mean you should completely leave them alone! As soon as you see (or
Make bacne go away for good.
Bacne is annoying AF. In addition to making you feel self-conscious while wearing hubadera tops, they're harder to treat because the skin there is thicker and more resilient. Thankfully, there are certain products that can make bacne disappear ASAP:
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