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Everyone loves the bad boy.
Science just confirmed what everyone has always known: Everyone loves a bad boy, even if he's a borderline psychopath.According to a study on psychopathy and desire, Canadian researchers Kristopher Brazil and Adelle Forth discovered that men with psychopathic traits
He was *really* hot, though.
It's not that Keith* was unattractive. On the contrary, he was exactly the type of guy I'm drawn to: smart, kind, funny, and a bit of a non-conformist. He was even nice to look at.When we met one
Red Velvet talks about their hit single 'Bad Boy' at KCON 2018.
Every time I come around, another bad boy all we've been singing this week! Red Velvet surprised fans at the 2018 KCON when they sang the second verse of their hit single, "Bad Boy," in English. Take a
You are better than this.
1. Every time you tell your friends you slept with him, ibang level ang hiya mo. You know you are better than this and yet last night you replied to one of his "Sup" texts. WHY. 2. You've already used all
How can you tell if you'll get hurt by your guy during sex?
There are some obvious red flag behaviors when it comes to sex-you wouldn't sleep with a guy who flat-out refuses to use condoms or has a history of sexual violence. But sometimes, the signs for someone who might turn
Finally, science puts an end to this age-old question.
Ask 10 women what they look for in a boyfriend, and they'd probably give you something like this: "Gusto ko mabait, mapagmahal, loyal at caring."But we bet 99.99 percent of these girls are actually going out with someone who
Oh, 'cos bad boys are fun? Please.
1. "Bad boys are confident and can approach girls. Good guys just stand there."Sure, bad boys are confident. But who says good guys aren't confident, too? Also, the confidence the bad boys have is bordering on cocky, and some girls
At first, everything was wonderful.
I always knew that I would fall for a guy who was bad news. I pictured him as someone good-looking, maporma, and who wore Davidoff Cool Water or Polo Sport. His killer smile would be enough to take my breath away,
Do NOT fall for these tricks.
1. He showers you with gifts when he messes up.He flakes on you for the third time in a week and makes up for it by sending you a box of chocolates, a bouquet of flowers, and concert tickets. There's
You clamored for more of our January Online Hunk. Wish granted! Cosmo girls got to flirt with the ruggedly hot actor in’s first-ever Celebrity Chat.
Finally, our brooding rebel takes us where the magic happens! See the actor take it easy in his private quarters. You’ll <em>so</em> want to jump in the sack with him.
This week, our Online Hunk retreats into his shell, with only a book to keep him company. Bookworms never looked so sexy!
Our Online Hunk continues to clean up his act to ring in the New Year. See the ruggedly handsome actor take up a self-imposed liquor ban for his shoot.
Get to know the ruggedly handsome actor who's our first featured hunk for 2010, as he tones down the rebellious sneer and suits up for work.
Japanese-Brazilian model Akihiro Sato graces the Cosmomen supplement for the second time. See behind-the-scenes pics of his steamy shoot.