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You are better than this.
1. Every time you tell your friends you slept with him, ibang level ang hiya mo. You know you are better than this and yet last night you replied to one of his "Sup" texts. WHY. 2. You've already used all
Finally, science puts an end to this age-old question.
Ask 10 women what they look for in a boyfriend, and they'd probably give you something like this: "Gusto ko mabait, mapagmahal, loyal at caring."But we bet 99.99 percent of these girls are actually going out with someone who
Oh, 'cos bad boys are fun? Please.
1. "Bad boys are confident and can approach girls. Good guys just stand there."Sure, bad boys are confident. But who says good guys aren't confident, too? Also, the confidence the bad boys have is bordering on cocky, and some girls
Your parents disapprove of your relationship.
1. Most of your dates center around getting wasted. If he needs to be intoxicated when he's around you, that's an easy red flag. A case of beer and whiskey shots in lieu of fine dining: so romantic! Puking his
Do NOT fall for these tricks.
1. He showers you with gifts when he messes up.He flakes on you for the third time in a week and makes up for it by sending you a box of chocolates, a bouquet of flowers, and concert tickets. There's
There are some things you can't stand that he just can't let go of. But fret not: it's possible for him to come around...eventually.
Guys don't easily welcome change and the reasons may range anywhere from preserving their ego to just being plain disagreeable. We can be stubborn, it's true-and if you ask us why, we wouldn't be able to give you