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I get to slow down, process my feelings, and clear my mind.
BRB, Taking A Break is a new Cosmo series that's all about hitting the pause button on whatever's stressing you out and taking the time to rest and reflect-two things we all need to do more of
It was so therapeutic.
Way before I became an editor, I used to sell baked goods online. This was the time when Facebook and Instagram were unheard of. I posted pics of the pies and bars my mom and I would make on Multiply and Blogspot.
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Baking takes hard work, and it takes ~everything~ in me to finally get myself to make batches of Oreo cheesecake cookies. I love the craft, but knowing the precise procedure I need to follow plus the humongous amount of cleanup I must
We're obsessed!
If you're one of the many who have been busy in the kitchen this quarantine, this story is made for YOU! We found something that will make you want to start baking, even if you're scared to try
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John Paul Cledera and his sister Nicole Anne got the surprise of their lives, all thanks to a cake. The siblings baked a cake inspired by Taylor Swift's latest album Folklore, which was released on July 24, 2020.John Paul,
Make your 'shef' dreams come true. ;)
Now that most of us are staying at home, we're inclined to spend more time on cooking and baking experiments-just "shef" things. Although dining out is now allowed in places under general community quarantine, it's considered safer
It really is an investment.
If you spent majority of the last three months finding your inner shef, then you've probably added a few kitchen appliances to your growing wish list. Air fryers, induction cookers, electric mixers-these are some of the tools we hope
They're so IG-worthy!
We're pretty sure most of you have played chef or baker at least once during the quarantine. And in case you haven't yet, we found something that might just inspire you to actually make something in the kitchen:
She made pasta, cookies, and many more!
When dining out seems impossible, you are ~forced~ to be creative in the kitchen. Julia Barretto is one of the Pinoys who have been busy cooking and baking to satisfy her gourmet cravings. In an Instagram post, Julia posted a photo series
This small kitchen appliance can do wonders for your baking.
Baking is all about precision. We always say that there is a science to baking. There are just some ingredients you just can't do without and at a certain amount every time, so the resulting batter or dough is a
You can use some of the common items found in your kitchen instead!
Baking is one of those kitchen tasks where some special equipment is necessary. Many recipes need an oven, special containers such as baking pans and cupcake trays, and even things such as parchment paper, whisks, and a silicone spatula. While you can
Making dessert just got easier.
If you were planning on baking a cake but either never got around to it or just don't have the ingredients, you're in luck. You can hack that boxed cake mix and make something with it other than
You won’t be disappointed.
Before the enhanced community quarantine was implemented, your Instagram feed was filled with food shots from everyone's favorite restaurants. These days, you can barely go through one full scroll without seeing someone's take on banana bread. Why is that? One
These simple chocolate cake recipes will satisfy your cravings!
Chocolate cake recipes do not need to be too complex! In fact, even a simple chocolate cake recipe can be the most decadent, moist, and fudgy cake you can make. You may not know it but having an oven to make a
Best paired with a glass of milk.
Baking can be intimidating for newbies in the kitchen, but starting with something as basic as baking a classic chocolate chip cookie is a great way to start one's baking journey. It's even made easier now that Cookies
Those overripe bananas can be transformed into super delicious bread!
If you are baking for the first time, there is always a recipe that you turn to that is simple, tasty, and easy to make. Banana bread recipes have a reputation of being easy to make, plus, it uses easy ingredients and
You don't need to go all fancy with your cupcakes if you don't want to.
Everyone loves a good cupcake. These are the tiny, individual mini cakes that have everything a big full-sized cake has but in fun, smaller servings. You don't need to share when it comes to this dessert but we do
The quarantine is making everyone extra adventurous in the kitchen.
Even the most seasoned baker can be intimidated by making bread. Bread may seem like an easy baking project, but the science and techniques behind it can be daunting, especially for someone who is attempting to do it for the first time.
Baking makes you chill.
If you have ever baked anything before, you would know how much calmer, less stressful it is to bake rather than cook. One of the ways it can be calming is the process. Baking, unlike cooking, goes at a much slower pace.
So, who wants to bake us a cake?
In news that confirms what we've always thought, baking is good for us. Maybe not in the waistline sense but certainly when it comes to our mental well-being, according to top psychologists.Speaking to the Huffington Post, Donna Pincus, Associate