Plus, find out the styling mistakes you're probably making.
Just like coloring your hair, getting bangs can be a full-time commitment. Not everyone wakes up to a perfectly-styled fringe-yes, not even your favorite K-drama leading ladies. It takes effort to have bangs that puffy and perfect, but
Remember when Billie Eilish sported a mullet on the red carpet and everyone was all: "Hell yeah, Billie is such a badass she could literally pull off any hairstyle."Then a few days later, Billie broke the news that her vintage cut
Bangs > any other hairstyle.
Jane Oineza has been sporting a fringe even before the haircut became trendy. She first got one when she was growing out her pixie cut. Now, she's worn it in many ways. She's tried it all-blunt, side-
Bagay na bagay!
We can't help but notice Maja Salvador's recent makeover. After her stint as Camila in The Killer Bride, Maja opted for a new 'do. In the teleserye, she's always seen sporting super long hair. To
They are also low-maintenance!
Lovi Poe got bangs in January, and we think she got the *perfect* fringe for girls who can't be bothered to fix their hair every day. She's now sporting long, wispy bangs that have incredible style versatility. Allow
Read this before booking that salon appointment!
It seems like bangs are just one of those spontaneous life decisions you make post-breakup, after you binge-watch a K-drama, or when you see your favorite YouTuber do it. According to YouTuber-slash-hairstylist Brad Mondo, whatever your reason
A new haircut peg!
If this isn't a sign that you should finally get bangs, I don't know what is. Jane De Leon's new fringe will inspire you to get *that* hair makeover ASAP.She debuted her new 'do
'Life is short, make your bangs shorter.'
It's the usual story: You get a sudden burst of inspiration on a random day and decide that yes, you're going to cut your own bangs by yourself. That's what happened to Mimiyuuuh, our favorite local
Super fresh!
Another day, another celebrity fringe update! Chie Filomeno is the latest star to jump on the bangs bandwagon. She revealed her new 'do on IG (where else?), and we must say, she looks super fresh!Chie got K-style wispy bangs,
Here's a guide so you can do your best!
You probably saw how pretty those wispy bangs look on your favorite K-drama and K-pop stars because the Hallyu fever is real. Case in point:Or maybe your Instagram feed is teeming with influencers and friends who look cute in
She looks like a doll.
January is almost over, but here we are, still talking about bangs. Celebs have been getting a fringe left and right, and the latest to try out this haircut is Ivana Alawi. She has always sported long caramel brown hair, so when
Super chic!
January is almost coming to an end, but it's never too late to have a "New Year, new me" hair transformation. Case in point: Janella Salvador's chic new bob with blunt bangs. Janella surprised us all by posting
It's so simple but it looks so good!
Another day, another ~new~ hair change announcement! This time, it's courtesy of Leila Alcasid, who recently debuted her crescent bangs on Instagram, aptly captioning the photo: "she bangz."Leila's new 'do is quite a leap from her
This is why #LalisaMaNoBang is trending!
If you've been a loyal BLINK, you'll know that BLACKPINK's rapper and maknae, Lisa Manoban, has always sported full bangs. In fact, her signature hairstyle gained a lot of attention during BLACKPINK's 2019 Coachella
Another iconic look!
2020 is definitely the year of the bangs, as we spot another celebrity fringe inspo care of Selena Gomez. The singer-actress got full bangs in December 2019 and recently updated her look with a side fringe. Her hairstylist Marissa Marino posted
Say yes to a DIY makeover!
In 2019, Pinays caved in and got a fringe, and we predict that this haircut will still be big in 2020. Ease in to trend with little commitment (ICYDK, bangs are high-maintenance!) by getting curtain bangs. These frame the face and
I sported bangs in 2018, and I have to say I miss how it defined my round face. What I don't miss about it is the ~malagkit~ feeling of having a fringe when it's hot (aka all the
We *really* liked bangs this year.
We definitely didn't give our locks a break this 2019-it seemed like there was always a new 'do that was trending on our Insta feeds. Here, we rounded up all the ~cool~ hairstyles and haircuts we saw throughout
Dare to be a DIY kween this 2020!
The year 2020 is almost here and you're probably itching for a hair makeover. Unfortunately (and kind of expected), salons are packed during this season. Worry not because we've got your back! If you can't wait
New Year, new hair!
The end of 2019 is almost here, and bangs are still hot! Celebs left and right have been sporting this hairstyle throughout the year, and the latest star to jump on this trend is Julia Barretto. The actress just got a fringe,
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