She looks bomb!
You guys. Angelica Panganiban is out here with a new hairstyle, and we're living for it. Check out our reasons:Angelica showed off her new hairstyle as soon as she had it done. Her cut was courtesy of Lance Francisco,
It's an emotional roller coaster.
Bangs seem to be the hottest hairstyle today, and as public service, we want to let you know ~everything~ you'll experience once you get a fringe. Below are the stages one goes through after cutting their hair based on real-
It's time to move on.
Bangs. You loved the way they made you look extra cool, but you've decided it's time to move on. They're high-maintenance and sumpungin, and you've had enough! But, we must warn you: Growing
We've got heat-free options, too!
PSA: Bangs are cute and all, but they're not a wash-and-wear 'do. They require special care and styling techniques-which you can't escape from unless you're blessed with hair that's behaved
This is what hairspo dreams are made of.
Hi, hello! I think I finally realize what Lizzie McGuire meant when she said, "This is what dreams are made of!" Turns out, it's not performing as your pop star doppelgänger during a school trip in Italy. No, my friends,
Am I ready to commit or is it just a phase?
When a girl changes her hair, people assume it's because may pinagdadaanan siya, whether it's a recent heartbreak (the most popular stereotype), work stress, or any other reason unrelated to actually wanting to change her hairstyle. I admit
Fresh lang!
We've always seen Vivoree Esclito with flowing, long black hair. Her raven-hued tresses suit her because it complements her Pinay features.Recently, Vivoree posted a new photo, and we can't help but notice that she got new
She went from having fake bangs for Halloween to getting the real thing!
After pulling off fake bangs for her Halloween costume, Saab Magalona has gotten a haircut for real. Her short new 'do with bangs is reminiscent of her look in her twenties aka her "The Incugirl" blog days.The musician said her husband
Now we want bangs, too!
Cosmo girls, we're here to present proof that bangs are the hottest hairstyle rn. We've already listed down all the celebs who are currently sporting the haircut, and we're adding another one to the list. Sarah Lahbati debuted
Thanks to Claudia, we're THISCLOSE to getting bangs.
If you're still not sure whether or not you want to get bangs, take a cue from Claudia Barretto. Her sheer fringe, which is K-beauty approved, is perfect for those who aren't exactly ready to make the
Heart is just like us!
Do you still remember when we created a quiz to determine whether or not you're ready to get bangs? We made it because we felt that ~everybody~ (including us) needed help in discerning. We always hear from our friends that
So adorbs, Yen!
The Short Hair Girls Club got a new recruit, and it's Yen Santos! And we can't blame her because short hair is forever cute and bagay on Pinays. In this hot weather, having a 'do that exposes
She's not getting rid of her bangs anytime soon!
Heart Evangelista now has full bangs, you guys! The actress debuted her chic look yesterday via Instagram.Heart's full bangs go just right under her brows, so they're still long enough to be swept to the side. She
TBH, she looks perf in anything.
Earlier this morning, Liza Soberano just posted a selfie on Instagram to call attention to her new look. She recently got wispy bangs, and she captioned her photo, "Got bangs just in time for Dora, hbu?"ICYDK, there will be a live-
Maybe you're just going through something. Think about it!
We've all been through it. One day-usually when you're very bored, heartbroken, stressed, or on your seventh K-drama episode for the night-you look at yourself in the mirror and think, "I should get bangs." So
We bet you haven't seen her like this in a while!
It seems that almost everyone chopped their locks short this past summer, but Heart Evangelista was a solid exception. The actress has kept her locks long and jet black for as long as we can remember, and we can't really
It can be tricky to find the perfect haircut to suit your face shape and hair texture. These factors have to be considered because they both have an impact on how your tresses will look.To help you decide, we listed down
Only the Queen of the North could pull this off.
YOU GUYS. HELLO. I'm coming at you with an incredibly important hair update. In what appears to be a totally spontaneous move, Sophie Turner just got BANGS, and they're absolutely amazing.She's currently doing the press tour
Lisa's bangs, probably: 'Wind, who? We don't know her.'
K-pop girl group BLACKPINK had the time of their lives and delivered THE BEST performances at this year's Coachella festival and we couldn't be prouder! They also made the most out of their trip to the US
She looks gawww-geous!
Sue Ramirez, ever the hair chameleon, has changed up her 'do again! Ever since she started growing out her pixie cut, she's been spotted wearing her bob slicked back, up in a half-ponytail, or with extensions.But yesterday,
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