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More reasons to have this classic top in your closet!
Too tired to come up with an interesting outfit for the day? Hard same. But if you think you need to stare blankly at your closet until you're inspired to churn out an IG-worthy outfit, you don't need to
First things first: It starts with the proper mindset.
First things first. The concept of being sexy is subjective, and it really depends on the person. It's not about wearing revealing clothes or having a "banging body" as dictated by society's beauty standards. Being sexy is a *
Meet your new closet staple!
ICYMI, baby tees are ~*trendy*~ again. Yup, we're talking about those fitted shirts worn by your favorite stars from the early aughts. These cropped tops look cool and sexy at the same time, and there are so many ways to
There's a reason denim skirts are considered a closet staple, after all.
Denim is a timeless fabric that's undeniably cool as it is stylish. Depending on the iteration of your choice-be it a jacket, pair of pants, or a flirty skirt-a denim piece matches with almost everything else in your wardrobe.
These cute 'fits are easy to put together!
Crop tops have become a staple in our wardrobes. After all, they're cute and comfortable, and they can go with literally any kind of clothing, whether it be a pair of joggers or a mini skirt! If you need some
Here's why you can’t go wrong with a puff-sleeved top or dress for your next 'fit check.
Whether you consider yourself a fashionista or not, there's no denying that the puff-sleeves trend is here to stay. These statement sleeves are seen almost everywhere-from the Instagram feed of local and international influencers and celebrities, to window displays
She's a pro at meshing style and comfort!
Lately, we've been getting plenty of style inspo from Bela Padilla's Instagram posts. The actress, who just moved to London, has been showcasing her chic yet laid-back sense of style, and we're all for it!If
Silk feels sooo nice!
What's your usual pantulog? We like sleeping in super old baggy t-shirts and soft sweaters + joggers. But if you want to elevate your sleepwear look-say you'll have a sleepover or you're on a trip
Featuring '90s GUESS icon, Anna Nicole Smith.
One iconic fashion moment during the '90s was when the late American model Anna Nicole Smith graced the campaigns of GUESS Clothing. Her black and white photos that featured her sultry gaze were unforgettable. When you think of Anna, you'
Shop her exact pieces here!
Lately, we've been getting a lot of style inspo from Sofia Andres' Instagram posts. We just adore her chic and feminine looks featuring modern classic pieces. She mixes trendy clothing with basic items that have a cool twist. As
They've got celeb clients, too!
I have to admit that I'm the kind of fur parent who always posts my dog on Instagram, and I treat him like my baby. I am the biggest fan of Lucas the Shih Tzu-I have accepted that.If
Having a lazy day is normal.
I get it. There are days when you just can't even. When you just want to be a potato snuggled up on your bed while listening to that ~*feelsy*~ Spotify playlist. There is nothing wrong with letting go of yourself
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I'm pretty much satisfied with my closet-I've got basic clothing items and trendy finds I can mix and match. But while I was dressing up for a brunch date with friends over the weekend (all are vaxxed
You won't regret it, I promise!
I totally understand if you're iffy to wear candy colors or mix and match different hues when it comes to your makeup look or outfits. Playing with rainbow shades can be intimidating, especially you're used to wearing neutral
From minimalist styles to sportswear favorites.
By now you've probably got your fair share of lace-ups and slip-ons, but in our humble opinion, no sneaker collection is complete without at least one pair of high-top kicks. Just like their low-cut counterparts, high-
Simple but never boring!
Let's face it: White shirts are a closet staple-they can be paired with jeans or shorts for a casual look or thrown under a blazer and trousers for a more business casual vibe. Despite its ~versatility~, this clothing item
These looks are a hit!
As you may have known, white t-shirts are ~essential~ in everyone's closet. And if you're a fan of the comfy aesthetic, may I suggest that you get a white tee in an oversized or boxy silhouette? I
These are my ride-or-die pieces!
Hello there! Here's something you should know about me: I don't consider myself very girly, nor do I think of myself as a tomboy either. I wasn't very much into fashion and makeup growing up. I remember going
BRB, getting everything.
Nowadays. comfort is important when it comes to outfits. We all just want to look and feel good whether we're indoors or outdoors. If you're looking into updating your wardrobe, we highly suggest that you head to Guess
'I woke up one day and decided to dress up not for anyone but myself.'
Growing up, I have always been the "chubby" kid. I've been told to watch the food I eat and to put clothes meant for skinny girls back on the rack. For a long time, these comments affected the way I presented