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We've got one for every budget!
A bath soap is a busy girl's best friend. You don't need a loofah to wash with it: You can just slide the bar itself on your skin and let it lather-that's it, you'
It looks like the work of Voldemort or something.
A few weeks ago, an Insta-vid of a black bath bomb (those solid fizzy things you drop in your tub) by toxicbitchcraft went viral, because it looked like the work of Voldemort or something:SICK RIGHT?! The handmade bath bomb is
Is it time to reevaluate your shower routine?
We're all guilty of skipping a day or two of showering once in a while. But have you ever wondered what would happen if you skipped bathing for a whole month? It already sounds gross, but have you ever thought about
Be clean! Don't be gross.
Some people take a bath only in the morning, some only at night, while others do both. Is there a best time? Not exactly. It all depends on you, your body, and what it was exposed to.Take a bath in the
Anxious? Have a hot bath!
Cold showers have their benefits, like making you more alert, hydrating your hair and skin, and burning fat, so it's good for you to have them regularly. But hot baths also have their pros, even if they open your pores and
It's worth the first moments of shivering.
1. It boosts your energy and alertness. A cold shower will shock anybody. You get an energy boost when you begin taking deep breaths as a rush of blood goes through your entire body from the increased heart rate.2. It improves
Look and feel fresh throughout the rest of this scorching summer with these Cosmo-approved body care buys!
Even with the summer months winding down, temperatures are still at a high! We've got the lowdown on summer-perfect personal care products to keep you looking and feeling fresh for the rest of the summer, from fruity body basics to
One of your fave actresses turned full-time mom reveals how she cares for her two kids with the help of her heartthrob husband.
Judy Ann Santos has spent most of her life in showbiz, starting off as a child actress and maturing into a box office bida. But, the 33-year-old has a new set of priorities in this stage of her life; she'
Beauty doesn't begin in front of your makeup mirror—it starts in the bath. Keep your skin and hair gorgeous with these bathtime essentials!
Beauty begins with your skin. Having clear, clean, gorgeous skin means not having to wear as much makeup as you normally would. Less dirt on your skin minimizes pore clogging, and that minimizes blemishes like pimples and other discolorations. That's