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Anxious? Have a hot bath!
Cold showers have their benefits, like making you more alert, hydrating your hair and skin, and burning fat, so it's good for you to have them regularly. But hot baths also have their pros, even if they open your pores and
It's worth the first moments of shivering.
1. It boosts your energy and alertness. A cold shower will shock anybody. You get an energy boost when you begin taking deep breaths as a rush of blood goes through your entire body from the increased heart rate.2. It improves
Apparently, facials are no longer exclusive to just your face! We discovered a spa service that exfoliates and whitens your delicate bikini area, in time for beach season.
Yay, summer has officially begun! We are sure you all have beach trips planned (or are dying to book one) and will soon be whipping out your swimsuits and heading for sandy shores. We encourage you to flaunt your hard-earned bikini
As our last hurrah for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we give you tips on caring for your pair at the best time: bathtime.