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The ads were still banned over their health claims.
The controversial Protein World ads asking, "Are you beach body ready?" have been deemed "unlikely to cause serious or widespread offense" by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), a U.K. advertising watch group, reports The Telegraph. This despite the fact that thousands
Are you beach body ready?! Wait. What IS a beach body?
This advert pretty much sums up everything that I despise about how we treat and value women's bodies. phrase "beach body" gets thrown around a lot these days, especially since it's summer and beach getaways are
For the perfect Instagram shot!
The sun is out and the beach is calling! Nail the perfect Instagram-worthy snapshot inspired by these lovely ladies: 1. The Lone Islander Peg: Anne Curtis 2. The Underwater Siren Peg: Kim Jones 3. The Beach Yogi Peg: Bianca King 4.
Need to shed pounds stat? These simple mistakes can derail your progress.
All set for your beach getaway? Your bags are packed and your tickets are booked, but you can't seem to get rid of those last stubborn pounds you've been trying to shed for the past month.A quick fix for columnist Bianca Valerio tells us how you can achieve a bikini-ready body this summer through this particular form of dance.
Let's face it, we all want a killer summer bod, but most of us aren't exactly rushing off to the gym to shed those unwanted pounds. We often associate working out with, well, working! One thing we want to learn