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We're loving it, tbh.
We're used to seeing Kit Harington sporting a wonderfully generous amount of facial hair while warding off various evil enemies on Game Of Thrones.But with filming on the HBO mega-hit done and dusted, it looks like the actor
He was like a different person with this beard.
When you think about royal facial hair, you probably think of Prince Harry. That's understandable. The ginger prince has been rocking a beard regularly since 2015. It's his signature look. He even got special permission from his grandmother,
'There's a hair in my mouth, and I have no idea who it belongs to.'
Men have many thoughts while going down on you. Bearded men have deeper, more complex thoughts. These are they:1. "I wonder if it tickles?" Are you moaning? Are you suppressing a giggle? Maybe it's a little of both.2. "Man,
I've done my fair share of crafts in my life to know that if you even touch glitter with the side of your pinky finger, you will find glitter all over your body and your surroundings for days. But for whatever
A microbiologist says.
If your man is growing his beard because he is cool and a rockstar, you might want to be particular about his grooming habits. According to Quest Diagnostics microbiologist John Golobic, some beards contain bacteria that may be found in toilets, too [
Don't ask us to shave it. Let me repeat that: Do not. Ask us. To shave it.
Before we get any further, there is a huge difference between a man with a beard and a man who is trying to grow a beard. When I say "man with a beard," I don't mean those people who grow out
Do you know the kind of patience it takes to grow out a beard? He's basically Gandhi.
1. Your lumberjack fantasies are now a reality.Who doesn't want to have sex with an 1840s gold miner? Idiots, that's who.2. You get to use his conditioning products.Guys with beards just have better product, and as someone