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You can't be without these when outdoors.
Whether you're roughing it up by going on an old-fashioned camping trip or splashing out for a comfy glamping vacay, you're going to need these eight beauty products the whole way through:Mosquito RepellentEven if you don&#
Yay, 4-day weekend!
Friday and Monday are holidays, so you know what that means-hello, long weekend getaway! Whether you're going to hit up ~*La Boracay*~ or jetting off to a different country for the weekend, don't forget to bring these
Better come prepared! *wink*
Don't put yourself in the position where you're scrambling to find something that would make for a decent moisturizer in your boyfriend's bathroom. Instead, prep early on by assembling a grab-and-go pouch for nights
Don't knock it till you try it.
It happens. You come across something-a new innovation or a product a friend swears by-and, at best, think "meeeeh," or feel downright dubious about it. Surely some things are too good to be true? In a trending thread on the
Hey, you have to look cute the entire day!
Got a music festival lined up in your summer agenda? While it's a given that you won't leave the house without your mobile phone, camera, and wallet, there are certain items you might overlook but are actually pretty necessary. We'
Who: Jessica Mendoza, DJ and basketball courtside reporter. Where: The Fort. Bag: Mini leather satchel
Jessica Mendoza admits she's one of the boys. Not only is she one of the most popular basketball courtside reporters in the country (she's been in front of the camera since her college days!), she's now also FHM's
The flamboyant TV star and Olay Regenerist endorser shows us the personal items she carries in her fabulous roomy bag from Hong Kong.
We daresay there's no TV personality who can rival Tessa Prieto-Valdes' fearlessness when it comes to fashion choices. Dubbed "Asia's Lady Gaga," the designer, columnist, Olay Regenerist brand ambassador, and host of TV5's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Philippines
See what every Cosmo chick should also have in her everyday bag.
You've watched her give Cosmo's Make Over Your Life campaign winner Amie Perez an image-building workshop. (If you haven't yet, well, watch Part 1 here and Part 2 here.) Now, here's another way model, host, image consultant,
Cosmo’s February 2010 cover girl let us peek into the contents of her bag. Find out what keeps this actress ever-blooming in beau Derek Ramsay’s eyes.