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At the beginning of every year, we test out the best products in the market ranging from sun care, skincare, haircare, body care, and makeup to aid you in curating a list of summer must-haves. This year, we decided to change
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At this point, you probably don't need us to preach the benefits of vitamin C in your skincare routine.You know that it's one of the most powerful ingredients for fighting the effects of free radicals on the
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Body lotion is probably one of the first beauty products we used in our lives. It's basic to use a product to moisturize our skin, aka get rid of flaky arms and scaly legs. But one factor we Pinays have
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A face serum is a great addition to your skincare routine because it possesses a potent formula that can help address your skin woes faster: It contains a high concentration of active ingredients that can prevent and treat pimples or brighten uneven
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The pimples may have gone but unfortunately, they tend to leave marks and scars on your skin. Don't panic or be disappointed yet because there is still hope. You just have to be label-savvy and keen with the products
Know more about this ancient beauty tool.
Gua sha is more than a pretty tool you see all over Instagram. The use of gua sha dates back for centuries-it's a skincare technique from traditional Chinese medicine. Its usually made of a crystal and its shape is
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I must admit, my kikay habits like putting on makeup, painting my nails, and fixing my hair took a backseat once the pandemic started. They felt time-consuming and useless-what was the point? There were more pressing things happening in the
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As someone who has struggled with acne on and off for the last 10 years, I can tell you straight up that the most effective thing you can put on your face to treat your breakouts is retinol. No shade to salicylic
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Y'all, if you haven't been using a face serum, you're missing out! A serum contains a high concentration of active ingredients that will help address your skin concerns. A few drops are potent enough to help
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IDK about you, but one of my favorite things about the changing seasons is that it gives me a chance to switch up my nail look. Like, matching my manicure to my favorite fuzzy sweater? Um, yes pls. So to get y&#
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Whenever we have chats with our friends or we observe shoppers in the department store, we always find them raving about the internet-famous facial wash, Senka Perfect Whip. People would also randomly DM us when we post a shot of our
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Ah, hyaluronic acid, the golden child of skincare. This hydrating component can be found in a lot of products because it's famous for making the complexion plump and supple. These two basic qualities describe what a healthy, glowing complexion should
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The first step to having healthy skin is to have a cleanser that will work for you. Your serums and moisturizers-no matter how good their formulas are-won't work their full potential if your complexion isn't a
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Shopping for beauty products can be an overwhelming task. Indeed, it is a blessing that we've got a wide array of brands to choose from but to narrow down what to take home is another story. As consumers, we often
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When Crash Landing On You dropped on Netflix, I was hooked on the K-drama series like many Pinoys. Apart from the amazing story, I was particularly obsessed with Son Ye Jin's hair. How could anyone look good in any
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Despite what you see on social media, an excessive skincare routine is not all that. Cliché as it may sound, but when it comes to routines, less is more. Think about it this way, when you've got a simple regimen,
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Before anything else, we just want to say that having acne and acne scars is normal. It doesn't make you less of a person if you have blemishes on your face. But if you've come to a point
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Simple, mild, effective-those are the three words that could best describe Dear Klairs' lineup. The K-beauty brand takes pride in providing products made with ingredients that are safe for sensitive skin but can address the most common skincare concerns.
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Now that the pandemic has changed the way we touch anything, makeup testers are out of the picture. This has led customers to rely on a particular brand's swatches posts or a review by an influencer, friend, or a publication (
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There are many things that cause the singit to darken. According to Healthline, hormonal imbalance or certain medications can cause darkening in the inguinal area (aka the groin). Chafing and dry skin are to be blamed, too. But, the biggest culprit of