A blinding highlighter, a long-wearing lippie, and a newbie-friendly brow powder!
For September's Cosmo.ph Beauty Binge, we're sharing the products we love and the ones that are still on our wishlist. 1. A buildable highlighter for day-to-night"While everyone's been raving about their foundation and gold highlighter,
Check out what we've been coveting this month!
Sure, practicality should always matter, but we believe that it wouldn't hurt to treat yourself once in a while. This is why we created our first ever Cosmo.ph Beauty Binge, where we share prettifying buys that are worth the splurge!
These stocking stuffers are the perfect presents for your kikay girlfriends.
Play the best Secret Santa this Christmas and get your girlfriends gifts from holiday makeup heaven.From palettes with the season's trendiest hues to the most luxe glossies, surprise your crew with a new beauty arsenal to use for your next
Get pretty for school without looking like you tried too hard.
College can be one of the most hectic times in a girl's life. In between projects, org work, and studying for orals, the last thing you need is to waste time fussing over how you look. We're making your life
I promised myself I wouldn't shop this weekend, but I'm so excited to try ZA's new products!
I don't put a lot of makeup on my face. I try to keep my skin care routine pretty simple: cleanse, tone, and moisturize. I am also a firm believer that a beauty product's cost doesn't
From the makers of Belle de Jour Planner comes the BDJ Box, a beauty subscription service every <i>kikay</i>-at-heart will love!
It's always tempting to buy the latest beauty products out in the market, but it's a bummer when you purchase a full-sized bottle of the newest miracle serum, only to realize that you're just another victim of false
The more you review, the more points you get. And points can get you fab new products to sample!
Try before you buy-Sample Room's tag line says it all. The modern day consumer is getting smarter-gone are the days when mere advertising can persuade a woman to go out and buy a product, and Sample Room recognizes this."
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