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Check out what we've been coveting this month!
Sure, practicality should always matter, but we believe that it wouldn't hurt to treat yourself once in a while. This is why we created our first ever Beauty Binge, where we share prettifying buys that are worth the splurge!
These stocking stuffers are the perfect presents for your kikay girlfriends.
Play the best Secret Santa this Christmas and get your girlfriends gifts from holiday makeup heaven.From palettes with the season's trendiest hues to the most luxe glossies, surprise your crew with a new beauty arsenal to use for your next
Get pretty for school without looking like you tried too hard.
College can be one of the most hectic times in a girl's life. In between projects, org work, and studying for orals, the last thing you need is to waste time fussing over how you look. We're making your life
I promised myself I wouldn't shop this weekend, but I'm so excited to try ZA's new products!
I don't put a lot of makeup on my face. I try to keep my skin care routine pretty simple: cleanse, tone, and moisturize. I am also a firm believer that a beauty product's cost doesn't
From the makers of Belle de Jour Planner comes the BDJ Box, a beauty subscription service every <i>kikay</i>-at-heart will love!
It's always tempting to buy the latest beauty products out in the market, but it's a bummer when you purchase a full-sized bottle of the newest miracle serum, only to realize that you're just another victim of false
The more you review, the more points you get. And points can get you fab new products to sample!
Try before you buy-Sample Room's tag line says it all. The modern day consumer is getting smarter-gone are the days when mere advertising can persuade a woman to go out and buy a product, and Sample Room recognizes this."
Be bikini-ready in time for summer!
Dear Agoo,I'm planning a weekend getaway at the beach with my friends, but I'm really embarrassed to wear the new bikini I bought because I have stretch marks! Are there lotions I can use to help me
View the supermodel's daily essentials in this exclusive gallery!
We caught up with fashion maven Apples Aberin-Sadhwani at AA Patawaran's Write Here Write Now book launch last November 21, looking stunning as the event's co-host along with fellow model Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez. The "Mom/PR Champ/
For effortless looks worthy of any get-together, we checked out the German beauty brand's latest collection.
It's no secret we Cosmo girls love getting dolled up, especially with a slew of holiday parties lined up this season. For super-easy looks worthy of any get-together, we turned to ArtDeco's Glam Deluxe Collection.According to celebrity
For our October beauty editorial, we show you how to look smoking hot, whatever your beauty budget.
Small beauty budget? No prob! Get the Cosmo October issue for affordable makeup counterparts of your favorite brands. That way, you'll end up looking like you splurged when you totally saved up! (It'll be our little secret.)Check out what
From her United Nations advocacy to her dress-down personality to her "me"-time musts--the glowing TV host gets real with Cosmo!
It's not every day that you meet someone like Cesca Litton, who is willing to spend her break from her busy schedule throwing herself into advocacy work for orphans and animals-- all the way in South Africa.Along with her best
You've cried enough from heartache; now's the time to get over him and get gorgeous instead. Start by stocking up on our post-breakup beauty loot!
Let's face it: breakups are a bitch. Not only do you spend hours--days--curled up in bed crying your eyes out as you beat yourself up over what went wrong, you end up looking like a lifeless mess that no
One of the most effective ways to get smooth, hair-free skin is through waxing. If you haven't tried it and would like to, read our primer.
Whatever the season, rain or shine, smooth, hair-free skin is in. As a matter of fact, even if you won't be flaunting your bikini bod again for months to come, you should start working toward and maintaining healthy, hair-
Whether you're a coupled-up chick or a single-to-mingle gal, stock up on these date night beauty must-haves that will help you channel romantic--and seductive--on your weekend night out!
Have you got a special date lined up for the weekend? If you're in a relationship, you can wow your guy with a brand new look by using cosmetic shades and formulas that enhance your natural beauty. If you're single,
Check out these skin care and cosmetics finds that will take you on the road to gorgeous as your wedding day nears. PLUS, products for your guy, so he can look suave, too!
Tying the knot anytime soon? You're in luck, since we at the HQ are devoting the rest of June to preparing brides-to-be for that special day! And since we believe you should look your best even before
Become a campus headturner with these bright and beautifying additions to your <i>kikay</i> kit!
With the first semester kicking off this month, we know you Cosmo gals want to make that fab first impression when you set foot in school. Just in time for your grand entrance, we're clueing you in on some of the
Look and feel fresh throughout the rest of this scorching summer with these Cosmo-approved body care buys!
Even with the summer months winding down, temperatures are still at a high! We've got the lowdown on summer-perfect personal care products to keep you looking and feeling fresh for the rest of the summer, from fruity body basics to
As you make the most of what's left of the summer, keep your tresses in tip-top shape by investing in these must-have hair care products.
We're sure you're on a mission to soak up as much sun before the rainy season begins, booking road trips and beach outings left and right! But one thing we often neglect in the summer thrill is the state of
Want to look summer-sensational on your next trip without having to pack your entire <i>kikay</i> apparatus? Here are some no-fail tools and tricks for staying pretty while on vacay!
1. Clean up your brows.With groomed arches (done by a pro, if possible), you look polished even without a speck of makeup, so you can skimp on your regular regimen while you're away.2. Blend liquid shimmer into your foundation."
These skin care, makeup, fragrance, and nail loot will make you look your best and feel brand new!
Busy working girls are stressed all year round, but come summertime, there's one extra hassle to overcome: the heat, which aggravates everything and makes even the simplest tasks like walking from one place to another feel taxing and sometimes irritating. The