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Out with the old (routine)!
During the summer months, you have to switch up your skincare and makeup routine, because what worked for your skin three months ago may not work now. Case in point: That hydrating foundation you've been rocking since the end of
We all need these this season.
Don't you just hate it when summer rolls around and you're left feeling sticky, hot, and gross as soon as you step outside your air-conditioned office? Yeah, us too; which is why we listed down five products that will
Stash them at your desk for easy touch-ups!
In between meetings, presentations, events, and parties, life as a twentysomething can be pretty hectic. Here are ten beauty products to have with you at the office to make sure your hair, skin, and makeup are always on point.1. Dry ShampooHas
It’s okay to be green-minded.
When Pantone announced that Greenery-the shade 15-0343, to be exact-is 2017's Color of the Year, the people behind the decision explained that the move is "symbolic of new beginnings," obviously alluding to the chaotic year that was 2016.
Guess which one of your products he secretly enjoys?
1. Your special shampoo with revitalizing treatment is just way better than his regular anti-dandruff one. Can't you see the difference in how his hair bounces after? He does.2. He secretly enjoys wearing those sheet masks you love to
It will even customize a product lineup suitable for your needs and concerns!
We've stressed time and time again the importance of having a good skincare routine. From thoroughly removing your makeup before bed to applying (and reapplying!) sunscreen every day without fail, these steps are ultra-important in helping you look your best
When did you last change your razor???
1. Not changing your razor often enough.In the last five months, how many times have you bought a new razor? Yeah, same.2. Popping your zits in a public place.Admit it, you've walked into the bathrooms at work/a
Before you think about tossing it in the bin or giving it away, try these alternatives.
We've all made the mistake of purchasing foundation, concealer, face powder, or BB cream that is too light or dark. But don't fret, there is hope for unwanted makeup.1. Use it as concealer.BB cream or foundation that
Have a shine-free, fresh face with these tried-and-tested products that keep icky oil under control.
Bet you've already tried a ton of products on your face to see which one will solve your oily skin woes. And with a slew of brands in the market, it's hard to tell which ones really work.Lucky for
I promised myself I wouldn't shop this weekend, but I'm so excited to try ZA's new products!
I don't put a lot of makeup on my face. I try to keep my skin care routine pretty simple: cleanse, tone, and moisturize. I am also a firm believer that a beauty product's cost doesn't
Agoo shares how you can banish blah skin for good!
Dear Agoo,What products can I use to get rid of dark spots and blemishes?Regards,Shane, 26Dear Shane, Acne scars can be lightened with Tretinoin or Retin-A which helps speed up the skin's natural healing process so that
For effortless looks worthy of any get-together, we checked out the German beauty brand's latest collection.
It's no secret we Cosmo girls love getting dolled up, especially with a slew of holiday parties lined up this season. For super-easy looks worthy of any get-together, we turned to ArtDeco's Glam Deluxe Collection.According to celebrity
From her United Nations advocacy to her dress-down personality to her "me"-time musts--the glowing TV host gets real with Cosmo!
It's not every day that you meet someone like Cesca Litton, who is willing to spend her break from her busy schedule throwing herself into advocacy work for orphans and animals-- all the way in South Africa.Along with her best
Find out what this superstar can't live without when it comes to inner and outer beauty!
No matter how many times the ever-alluring Anne Curtis makes an appearance in Cosmo, we never run out of things to admire about her. With her undeniable wit, charm, and bubbly personality, she's always fun to interview and photograph! And
You've cried enough from heartache; now's the time to get over him and get gorgeous instead. Start by stocking up on our post-breakup beauty loot!
Let's face it: breakups are a bitch. Not only do you spend hours--days--curled up in bed crying your eyes out as you beat yourself up over what went wrong, you end up looking like a lifeless mess that no
Stuck at home in this sucky weather? Stay in and get pampered with this hip line of body scrubs, clay masks, and body softeners.
It's been raining cats and dogs for weeks now, leaving many of us stranded at home with only so much to do. Sure, picking up a new book or catching up on your favorite TV shows is always an option, but
On the lookout for beauty products that are just right for you? Check out this handy new app that does just that.
Whether you're a coupled-up chick or a single-to-mingle gal, stock up on these date night beauty must-haves that will help you channel romantic--and seductive--on your weekend night out!
Have you got a special date lined up for the weekend? If you're in a relationship, you can wow your guy with a brand new look by using cosmetic shades and formulas that enhance your natural beauty. If you're single,
Want to cop this beauty queen's silky hair, glowing skin, and statuesque figure? Read on as she spills her look-good secrets!
Bianca Manalo is unstoppable! Unlike other pageant winners who eventually fade away from the public eye, the Bb. Pilipinas-Universe 2009 still shines in the limelight as she juggles acting, modeling, and TV hosting stints, all the while looking dazzling with her
Check out these skin care and cosmetics finds that will take you on the road to gorgeous as your wedding day nears. PLUS, products for your guy, so he can look suave, too!
Tying the knot anytime soon? You're in luck, since we at the HQ are devoting the rest of June to preparing brides-to-be for that special day! And since we believe you should look your best even before