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You may have your toners and essences and serums, but the heart of every skincare routine is a kickass moisturizer. Whatever your skin type, be it very dry or very oily, you need it! If you're on the hunt for
Out with the old (routine)!
During the summer months, you have to switch up your skincare and makeup routine, because what worked for your skin three months ago may not work now. Case in point: That hydrating foundation you've been rocking since the end of
We all need these this season.
Don't you just hate it when summer rolls around and you're left feeling sticky, hot, and gross as soon as you step outside your air-conditioned office? Yeah, us too; which is why we listed down five products that will
Stash them at your desk for easy touch-ups!
In between meetings, presentations, events, and parties, life as a twentysomething can be pretty hectic. Here are ten beauty products to have with you at the office to make sure your hair, skin, and makeup are always on point.1. Dry ShampooHas
It’s okay to be green-minded.
When Pantone announced that Greenery-the shade 15-0343, to be exact-is 2017's Color of the Year, the people behind the decision explained that the move is "symbolic of new beginnings," obviously alluding to the chaotic year that was 2016.
Guess which one of your products he secretly enjoys?
1. Your special shampoo with revitalizing treatment is just way better than his regular anti-dandruff one. Can't you see the difference in how his hair bounces after? He does.2. He secretly enjoys wearing those sheet masks you love to
It will even customize a product lineup suitable for your needs and concerns!
We've stressed time and time again the importance of having a good skincare routine. From thoroughly removing your makeup before bed to applying (and reapplying!) sunscreen every day without fail, these steps are ultra-important in helping you look your best
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