AND all the answers.
The quest for longer lengths can be slow, draining, and irritating AF (take it from a person who has been growing their locks ever since thaat bob haircut of 2004). So I get it, most us are searching for a miracle trick
Never been to a derma? Read up!
These days, we're faced with a growing selection of dermatological treatments in our quest for flawless skin. How do you know which one's right for your skin type and woes? We compiled a list of the common non-surgical procedures
We're all for looking good, but not at the expense of our health and safety.
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently warned the public against the use of these 10 unregistered cosmetic products:1. Dane Papaya Extract Soap Super Active Skin Whitener2. Verdon Shine Keratin Hair Spa Milk Essence3. A Bonne Milk Powder Lightening Lotion Plus
Are you a BBB, CCC, DDD, FFF, GGG, LLL, MMM, or PPP kind of girl?
As if millennial terms (ex. TBH, SMH, AF) aren't enough to shake up the English language, we have a growing number of acronyms just for beauty and makeup junkies. Have you ever found yourself lost in translation in the middle of
When did you last change your razor???
1. Not changing your razor often enough.In the last five months, how many times have you bought a new razor? Yeah, same.2. Popping your zits in a public place.Admit it, you've walked into the bathrooms at work/a
'I would delete your browser history for you.'
The media is an emotional minefield where one-dimensional and limiting portrayals of what it means to be a woman exist. This is dangerous because we start to believe that what we see in the media is the norm and that the
Before you think about tossing it in the bin or giving it away, try these alternatives.
We've all made the mistake of purchasing foundation, concealer, face powder, or BB cream that is too light or dark. But don't fret, there is hope for unwanted makeup.1. Use it as concealer.BB cream or foundation that
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