You are an inspiration, Kate.
Kate Grant, a 20-year old model with Down Syndrome, is opening doors for the differently-abled to break through the beauty industry-and she's facing it all with her eyes wide open."She is paving the way for people coming
Time for some shopping!
It's that time of the year again where you have to shop presents for your friends and family! For your beauty-addicted loved ones, shop these picks which won't break the bank:These compact and affordable makeup products
We're going shopping!
Lazada's long-awaited 11.11 sale is in just a few days. If you're still scouring their catalog of products and don't know what to buy, maybe our beauty picks can help you out! Don'
Including a lightweight base that looks better the longer you wear it!
F.A.s are famous for their flawless and long-wearing beauty routines. But with all the different products they use, we've always been curious to know what their top ride-or-die must-haves really are. So, we sat
Because you deserve it.
Feeling stressed out lately or like you just *can't* with the world? We've got you! Whenever you're feeling down on yourself, just go out and splurge on one of these pricey beauty products that are worth
Buy and support P-beauty!
Local beauty brands have really stepped up their game when it comes to their products. We've listed down some of them here, but we wanted to share MORE! So if you want to support your fellow Filipinos, check out these
There's no shame in flaunting your skincare + makeup collection.
When creating a flatlay or "shelfie" of your beauty stash, you have to consider factors such as the products' size, shape, color, and packaging. It may seem hard to do, but with a little inspiration, it wouldn't be the
Who says beauty needs to be harmful to the environment?
Your beauty addiction doesn't have to be bad for the environment. When it comes to shopping for your makeup and skincare essentials, there are actually tons of eco-friendly alternatives! To help you start your zero-waste beauty journey, we
She said it was a really personal choice.
Kylie Jenner didn't just decide to make lip kits overnight. The inspiration for her makeup line came from a much more personal place. She told her sister Kim Kardashian about it in an interview with Evening Standard magazine."It came
Add these to your wish list, stat.
Thanks to ~*glowing*~ customer reviews, fan raves, and numerous mentions on the internet, these beauty products are selling out faster than you can double-tap your bestie's Instagram post. Keep reading to find out where you can get them for
No need for touch-ups!
We're always in awe of how flight attendants look fresh during their whole shift. It's just impressive how their faces never get oily, and their eyes appear bright and awake even during long-haul flights.Good thing AirAsia
No need for touch-ups!
Hate it when your blush disappears in the middle of the day? Turn to these affordable options to keep your cheeks rosy all day!Ever Bilena Cheek Blush, P175, WatsonsBYS Blusher, P249, ZaloraCity Color Be Matte Blush, P295, CosmetixPink Sugar Sweet Cheeks
How is it different from a regular mirror?
In the name of self-care, we're here to tell you that your next big beauty purchase should be an LED makeup mirror. How different is it from the one in your bathroom? Read on.Basically, it's a
Because sharing is caring.
Keep these products in your SO's place-not only are they grooming essentials for him, you can use them as well when you want to freshen up! Nivea Men Sensitive Post-Shave Balm, WatsonsHuman Nature Hydrating Face Mist, P250, Robinsons
Nope, it's not her eyeliner!
We already know that Heart Evangelista is a pro at drawing a feline flick using her non-dominant hand and that her kikay kit is goals. So naturally, we wanted to know more about her beauty favorites, including the product she can'
Finally, an affordable Korean skincare product!
Brightening is all about radiance or the absence of an ashy cast in one's complexion. It's no wonder majority of K-beauty products possess glow-boosting ingredients like bearberry, Vitamin C, and arbutin. So when we found out
Say 'yes' to vitamin C!
We love anything with lemons: Food, drinks, and especially, beauty products! Lemons contain a ton of vitamin C, which we all know can brighten your skin and get rid of dark spots + acne marks.Curious to try lemon-infused products? We listed
Here's your beach beauty checklist.
Heading to a warmer place for Christmas and New Year's? Lucky you! But before you get too focused on planning your seaside ootds, prioritize packing these beach essentials first in your kikay kit. ;)You can't forget this one,
Aka everything you need to know to get flawless skin!
The year 2017 was all about spying on other girls' skincare routines-if their HG products worked for them, then those items could be worth a shot, right?If you're crazy about scoring a flawless face sans makeup, bookmark
Santa, please grant our wish!
If you have been coveting a number of game-changing beauty tools this year, now is the perfect time to *subtly* ask for them! Who knows, Santa might actually grant your wish on Christmas Eve. ;)BYS Konjac Sponge, P299, ZaloraHuman Nature Pore
Because patience is for chumps.
Call it a millennial thing-or a Chloe thing, according to my grandma Barb-but I'm impatient as f-k when it comes to trying new skincare products (and when it comes to doing pretty much anything in life ever). Because
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