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It's time to move on.
Makeup brushes, unlike mascara or foundation, don't have a specific expiration date. If they are well taken care of, they could last for years. But like all good things, their existence will eventually come to an end. Below are the
It will literally 'listen' to your needs.
Everyday objects are getting fancier by the minute, thanks to technological innovations left and right. The latest to get an update? The standard hair brush.At Las Vegas' CES 2017, a global consumer electronics and technology tradeshow, Kérastase unveiled a $200
Also, how far would you go for makeup?
YouTube/Wayne GossAmerican brand Color Me just released a vibrating makeup tool called the Automatic Foundation Applicator Kit, which is apparently the new secret to flawless foundation application.It's a small handheld vibrating device that mimics the motion of applying your
Do it for yourself!
We're constantly reminded to wash our makeup brushes to save our skin from breakouts and infections. But did you ever think of your other beauty tools? You do realize that they, too, are breeding grounds for bacteria that could also lead
"I don't know what this is."
It happens: one day you're doing your makeup and your boyfriend decides he's interested in going through your kikay kit. He finds your eyelash curler, puts it up and says, "Babe, ano to?" and you laugh because you think it' columnist Bianca Valerio shares tips for girls who want to become beauty experts, just like her.
Twitter question from @MsSaraLee18 and JadeRTesoro of @ShopAtMultiply: "Hi, Miss Bianca. Just want to ask...What local makeup schools do you recommend?"Thanks for the question, ladies! Since the hair and makeup industry is relatively new in the Philippines, there aren't
Before you head out to relish some well-deserved fun in your sunny destination, prettify your skin with Cosmo's easy-to-follow beauty tips.