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Take notes and save up.
Before we head to the treatments and procedures, we'd like to make it clear that pigmentation on the underarms is perfectly normal. Dermatologists have assured us of this fact, and discoloration or not having pantay skin doesn't make
A pro weighs in on the ~viral~ treatment.
Raise your hand if your social media intake has gone up about 17,293 percent since the world started physical distancing. Yeah, hi, same...I even bit the bullet and downloaded TikTok after my Insta and Twitter content had officially run dry.
Uhh, it’s kinda the secret to crazy-good skin.
When I first heard about dermaplaning, I brushed it off as a trendy beauty treatment that was too good to be true (I'm a pessimist, sry). But in reality, dermaplaning is actually one of the most effective, dermatologist-backed treatments for
It can also reduce water retention in the tummy.
The lower belly pouch or puson is one of the most stubborn parts of the body, so when I heard about KimRey Face and Body Contouring Lounge's LiPro Burst Treatment-a non-invasive treatment that can "melt" fat in this
The before-and-after pictures are actually shocking.
I've thought about getting Fraxel a million and one times and changed my mind just as many. But that's not because I don't want instantly smoother, brighter, plumper skin (hi, would love that, thanks)-it'
These semi-permanent treatments will make you ditch your makeup bag!
Can't leave the house without filling in your kilay? Or applying your go-to lipstick for a splash of color? Here's an idea: why not get these features semi-permanently tattooed by an expert so you can spare yourself a
Clients have to be 'in the know' to receive it.
If you're in the mood for a one-of-a-kind beauty regimen and also have $650 (P33,736.63) to spare, you should definitely book the next appointment for a penis facial. No, seriously. In an interview with Vogue
It didn't hurt at all!
Summer is just around the corner which means bikini season will soon be in. But as we all know, our bikini areas (specifically our singit) tend to be dark because of friction caused by tight clothes and shaving. So if you'
24k gold, anyone?
Masks are one of our beauty cheap thrills-many single-use packets retail for around P50 to P100, which means it's totally possible to mask once or twice a week, and definitely not too farfetched to use one every night.Unless,
Think of this whitening treatment as the opposite of tanning beds.
It's no secret that Koreans are fixated with brightening their complexions-you only need to watch one of their popular dramas or stalk an idol on social media to see this! And while an at-home skincare regimen can, with dedicated
Here are the dirty deets!
Hollywood's most bizarre beauty treatments include caviar facials and leech therapy, but some are going the extra mile with animal poop. Yes, your favorite celebrities are actually paying big bucks to have excretions smeared on their faces.1. Snail facialWhile the
You deserve it.
Girls know that nothing in beauty ever comes cheap-that's why it's so hard to instantly splurge on products and treatments that you want to try. Our advice, however, is to save some of your cash monthly until you have
Whether or not guys admit it, they actually enjoy getting pampered once in a while.
1. Mani-Pedi/Foot spa session. Instead of having your guy wait for you on the ~*boyfriend couch*~ at the nail salon, treat him to a nice mani-pedi sesh instead! Even men need to tame their cuticles and callouses. We recommend