When was the last time you washed your brushes?
Be honest: When was the last time you actually thoroughly cleaned your makeup tools? If you can't remember when, then you might have a problem. Beauty tools are made to last forever-if you take good care of them. Your
Meet the Cosmopolitan Content Creator Network!
We're happy to share that Anna Cay, Teena Arches, and Raiza Contawi compose our first ever Cosmo Content Creator Network, also known as, 3CN! Each one is a ~*beauty expert*~, but of course, they're more than that:Anna
Find out who they are and see their works of art.
Been wanting to get fancy body art? You're in the right place because we've got a short and sweet guide of the local tattoo artists who specialize in watercolor ink designs. Find out who they are below!VIDEO
Get to know her beauty ~*priorities*~ in this exclusive video!
If you're curious about Leila Alcasid's top shelf essentials and primping habits, here she is answering our *pressing* "This or That" beauty questions. Watch the whole video below:VIDEO PRODUCED BY: Jacinda A. Lopez, Louise Ferrer, and Andie
These will help you on your next appointment!
Did you know there's actually more than one shape you can get during a bikini wax sesh? Learn about the four shapes by watching this video:ILLUSTRATION: Camille AnduizaVIDEO EDITED BY: Coleen OlivaOriginal: INFOGRAPHIC: Bikini Wax ShapesFollow Retty on Instagram.
It's getting ~hot~ in here.
You may have heard of famous lipsticks from Tom Ford such as Spanish Pink, Indian Rose, or Casablanca. But did you know they have a ton of ~*sexy*~ shade names, too? Yup, we're talking the likes of Naked Ambition, Erogenous,
Avoid hair damage by trying this trick.
When you get out of the shower or you wake up from your beauty sleep, admit it: Your hair is buhol-buhol. But before you reach for that hair brush and forcefully get rid of your knots, watch the video below for
It's perfect for beach babes!
Nadine Lustre was hands-on when she created her capsule collection, Lustrous, with Australian makeup brand BYS. All of the shades and items in the lineup were made with the Pinay beach babe in mind-sexy, sassy, and fun! Here's
It has to be done, tbh!
Let's be real: Using a dirty hair brush on freshly washed tresses is GROSS. Imagine all the gunk you're putting back on your scalp and locks post-shower!We came up with a short tutorial on how to
You'll only need three things!
If you work for a company with a strict dress code or you're attending a formal event where visible tattoos are a no-no, watch the video below to see how you can temporarily cover it up with makeup!VIDEO
Take note of these!
Going skincare product shopping can be overwhelming and confusing-there are just so many products available! To make things easy, we're helping you out by listing down the most common shopping no-no's you should avoid or stop
Adios forever, pesky black spots!
Blackheads are stubborn AF-let's just put it out there. So if you're just done with them, take note of these dermatologist-approved ways to get rid of the stubborn black spots for good.VIDEO EDITED BY: Eli
Thinking about getting a tattoo? Here's everything you need to know!
Getting a tattoo can be a long process-not only do you have to think about the design, but you also need to know about the cost, the tattoo parlor, the artist, and how to take care of it. To help you
You only need two products!
If you think doing a glam eye makeup look will take eons to finish, well, ICYDK, a smoky eye is totes doable in less than a minute! All you need are two creamy eyeliners and your fingers! Don't believe us?
Her answer will surprise you!
Like us, Heart Evangelista is a beauty addict. So it's obvs that she has a lot of makeup, skincare, and hair favorites. But if she could only choose one, which would she pick? Find out which trends and looks she
'Ang pretty ko na kaya!'
We never get tired of challenging Sue Ramirez to do crazy stuff on cam-we asked her to apply her makeup in five minutes flat before. This time, we asked her to create a glam, night-out look without a mirror. And
Get your wallets ready. ;)
The brown lipstick trend is not going anywhere! Say hello to the Sleek MakeUP Matte Me Browns (P450), a capsule collection of liquid lippies that come in varying shades of chocolate. See how gorgeous they look like on the lips in the
Because collarbones are the new cleavage.
If you're a bit shy to show cleavage, then flaunt the next best thing: Collarbones! Here, we show you the 5-second trick you can do to make your shoulders look defined and extra sexy.VIDEO PRODUCED BY: Ira Nopuente,
Nope, it's not her eyeliner!
We already know that Heart Evangelista is a pro at drawing a feline flick using her non-dominant hand and that her kikay kit is goals. So naturally, we wanted to know more about her beauty favorites, including the product she can'
They're so affordable, too!
Have you been wanting to try rainbow hair but you're scared of bleaching and the major commitment involved? Try Penshoppe Colored Waxes! These are easy to apply, available in bold hues, and affordable at P149 per tub! See what each
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