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'I'm overwhelmed!'
We Pinoys are super proud of our local beauty brands, so we were psyched when it was our turn for Manny MUA's Makeup Mystery Box series! A Pinoy fan, Jazmine, sent a big box of snacks, trinkets, and cosmetics to
We love her style!
We know Toni Sia for her beauty-themed vlogs, but if you've been an IG follower of hers, you'll notice that she has a great sense of style! She's into animal printed clothing-which can be
Won't somebody think of the collectors?
It's been a h-e-c-k of a year so far for Jeffree Star. He'd only just moved into a brand-new mega-mansion at the start of the month before fans grew concerned at the news he'd
'There's a lot more I'm going through.'
Jeffree Star says there's more than just his recent break-up behind his decision to cancel his European makeup masterclass tour with Mmmmitchell.Four days before the tour was due to begin in Dublin, tour organizer Tatti Lashes released a
All hail kween Tati!
Tati Westbrook, queen of YouTube makeup reviews and tutorials, is finally releasing her very own makeup line! Her brand is called Tati Beauty, and it has made its debut on Instagram. Based on the first few posts, it looks like Tati is
Including a lightweight base that looks better the longer you wear it!
F.A.s are famous for their flawless and long-wearing beauty routines. But with all the different products they use, we've always been curious to know what their top ride-or-die must-haves really are. So, we sat
Time for tea again!
Once upon a time YouTube was the place to learn how to nail your smokey eye, live vicariously through someone's extravagant makeup collection, or just watch gone-but-not-forgotten Vine compilation videos.However, over the past few months all
The 'Jeffree Star Approved' series is trademarked in the U.S.
This is Jeffree Star-YouTuber, makeup artist, and founder of Jeffree Star Cosmetics.He has a series on his YouTube channel called "Is It Jeffree Star Approved?" where he reviews ~viral~ makeup products such as the Harry Potter eyeshadow palette, the highlighter
It's time for a little throwback!
Have you ever wondered what your favorite Pinay beauty vloggers first posted when they started their YouTube channels? Well, you don't have to guess anymore because we listed them below for you to watch! (Ed's Note: The videos in
Something to wear for Halloween, maybe?
13 years after the original Mulawin aired on our television screens, the telefantasya was given a sequel, titled Mulawin Vs. Ravena. If you've ever had an awesome excuse to dress up as the half-human/half-bird characters in the series,