Take note, CGs!
Jasmine Curtis-Smith was recently introduced to eye cream, thanks to her own sister, Anne Curtis.She didn't reveal the brand but swore it is effective.She told PEP.ph on September 27, after a video shoot for the website, "
This Twitter feud might actually make your head explode.
Please, take a seat because this YouTube beauty vlogger feud is going to make your head spin. The latest scandal to hit the YouTube community involves vloggers Jeffree Star (9.8 million subscribers) Gabriel Zamora (679 thousand followers), Manny "MUA" Gutierrez (5
Meet the Cosmopolitan Content Creator Network!
We're happy to share that Anna Cay, Teena Arches, and Raiza Contawi compose our first ever Cosmo Content Creator Network, also known as, 3CN! Each one is a ~*beauty expert*~, but of course, they're more than that:Anna
An edge-snatching subtle slay.
OK, name someone having a bigger moment than Ariana Grande is right now. That's right, ya can't! Within the past few weeks, Ariana has stunned at the Met Gala, started dating Pete Davidson, released new music, AND she
Find out who they are and see their works of art.
Been wanting to get fancy body art? You're in the right place because we've got a short and sweet guide of the local tattoo artists who specialize in watercolor ink designs. Find out who they are below![youtube:{"
'Be you, do you, enjoy.'
Kylie Padilla recently took to Twitter to share her thoughts on beauty."I had this comment on IG that read, parang babae lang nagagandahan kay Kylie," the actress shared.Instead of taking offense, Kylie reflected on it and realized that's
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