Make your cheesy dreams come true!
The rainy season is upon us and 'Ber months are coming so we must prepare for chilly nights ahead. TBH, we waited for these cooler times to arrive sooo bad-we can finally go easy on our electric fans and air-
Confirmed: Your room needs an indoor garden.
When you're thinking and worrying about too many things, it can be hard to fall asleep. There many things you can try-meditation, weighted blankets, and even listening to a relaxing playlist, but if those aren't working as
You can now take your milk tea obsession to the next level by getting a plushie version of it! We found this cute bubble tea pillow online, and we can already envision it on our beds.This huggable pillow can help you
Treat yourself.
If you've been wanting to redecorate your home, you can start small-by sprucing up your bed! Using pretty linens and adding accents to your ~snoozing~ zone may help you fall asleep faster. Bonus: Your bedroom will serve as a
Working from home ever since quarantine started has meant re-adjusting your schedules, keeping your fingers crossed for stable internet, and most importantly, finding a productive space that let's you stay *in the zone* while working. From reusing old finds
In case you need more stuff (that isn't kalat) for your room.
Here's the sad truth: Our bedrooms are filled with kalat of all sorts, from random things we're too sentimental to let go of, to our emotional kalat from the occasional breakdown that takes place inside its four walls.
Hint: It's not just online!
Admit it: We're all a sucker for some good room decor because they add so much life to our space. A bit of rearranging and adding some decorative items can instantly change the vibe. Apparently, we're not the
A new coat of paint can easily make your room seem more relaxing.
Your bedroom is probably the first thing you'd want to redecorate when given the chance, and why not-this is the place where you spend most of your time at home, which is why it should be arranged so as
Clean your doorknobs!
If someone in your home falls ill, there's always a chance that other members of the household will be affected. This is why it's important for anyone who has the flu to stay in a separate room if
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At this point in the quarantine, you've probably lost track of what day it is and are non-stop stressing over everything that is happening in the country. Pero as usual, ang matra natin ay: kakayanin. In the midst of
At only five months old, baby Blanca already has a walk-in closet!
Divine Lee's five-month-old daughter Blanca already has her own bedroom with a walk-in closet.Blanca's own Instagram page gives a sneak peek. The caption reads: "My Manila room is done! We picked the theme Colonial
He steals the blanket back!
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There's no denying the power of scent.
We know how important spritzing the right perfume on is, and how finding your signature scent is one of life's most satisfying feelings, but what about the place where you come home every night to decompress and, y'know,
Seriously small things that can do wonders.
1. Make your bed. It sounds so dumb and simple, but the payoff for doing this one super-tiny thing will be huge. Not only will you feel like you accomplished something first thing in the morning, you'll also feel so
And other gross facts about your bedroom.
What if we told you the place you spend approximately one-third of your life is crawling with germs, bacteria and dust mites? Yuck, is right. Sadly, some of the nastiness is pretty unavoidable, but that doesn't mean a little cleaning
Congrats, slobs!
It's always the people with perfectly organized desks, super clean kitchens, and meticulously arranged kitchens that get a ton of praise heaped upon them. They're more successful. They get up at 5 a.m. every day to be productive. They
'I keep a rhinestone whip by the side of my bed.'
Reality TV star Khloe Kardashian keeps a rhinestone whip beside her bed.The 31-year-old has never been afraid of speaking her mind, but in a new blog post, she decided to get particularly candid about her sexual preferences."Sadists get
Complete your personal haven with the basics.
Planning to shop for new items that you can add to your space? Before turning your home into a Pinterest-worthy space, you may want to check if it's well-equipped with basic pieces first.Start with your bedroom and check
They're kind of amazing.
Bea AlonzoBea's bedroom-designed by Jeizele delos Reyes-Go-has a timeless, elegant style updated with ultra-modern pieces like metallic accessories. An accent wall highlights the queen-sized bed with a classic wingback headboard. Our favorite pieces? Her tufted bench
Good luck trying to wake us up!
This Pastel-Colored New York-Style BedroomThe master bedroom in this 105sqm condo is spacious with a couple of functional pieces around. The bed has slim metal posts to save on space. This makes it possible to add more functional pieces. To
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