There's no denying the power of scent.
We know how important spritzing the right perfume on is, and how finding your signature scent is one of life's most satisfying feelings, but what about the place where you come home every night to decompress and, y'know,
Seriously small things that can do wonders.
1. Make your bed. It sounds so dumb and simple, but the payoff for doing this one super-tiny thing will be huge. Not only will you feel like you accomplished something first thing in the morning, you'll also feel so
And other gross facts about your bedroom.
What if we told you the place you spend approximately one-third of your life is crawling with germs, bacteria and dust mites? Yuck, is right. Sadly, some of the nastiness is pretty unavoidable, but that doesn't mean a little cleaning
Congrats, slobs!
It's always the people with perfectly organized desks, super clean kitchens, and meticulously arranged kitchens that get a ton of praise heaped upon them. They're more successful. They get up at 5 a.m. every day to be productive. They
'I keep a rhinestone whip by the side of my bed.'
Reality TV star Khloe Kardashian keeps a rhinestone whip beside her bed.The 31-year-old has never been afraid of speaking her mind, but in a new blog post, she decided to get particularly candid about her sexual preferences."Sadists get
Complete your personal haven with the basics.
Planning to shop for new items that you can add to your space? Before turning your home into a Pinterest-worthy space, you may want to check if it's well-equipped with basic pieces first.Start with your bedroom and check
They're kind of amazing.
Bea AlonzoBea's bedroom-designed by Jeizele delos Reyes-Go-has a timeless, elegant style updated with ultra-modern pieces like metallic accessories. An accent wall highlights the queen-sized bed with a classic wingback headboard. Our favorite pieces? Her tufted bench
Good luck trying to wake us up!
This Pastel-Colored New York-Style BedroomThe master bedroom in this 105sqm condo is spacious with a couple of functional pieces around. The bed has slim metal posts to save on space. This makes it possible to add more functional pieces. To
Moving out of your parents' home (within 2013!) is totally possible. One fun, fearless female shows you exactly how.
Let him know how much you want him by trying out these simple tricks. Trust us: your honey will be blown away by how hot you are.
1. Run your nails up and down his back, and in slow figure eights, lightly press them into his skin. The sensations you'll create show off your primal desire for him.2. During doggie-style, turn your head to the side,
Channel your inner vixen with these seductive, take-charge tricks that'll drive him insane with desire.
1. When he leans in for a kiss, pull the back of his head closer to you with your hands. Lightly tug on his hair as you kiss to reinforce the message that you can't get enough of his mouth on
We got to chat with the jetsetting supermodel when we featured her artsy pad in the April issue. Let Raya fill you in on her year-round travel tips, and view outtakes from her shoot!
Raya Mananquil is the prime example of a fearless jetsetter. Having been a model since her high school days, the columnist and occasional events host has been lucky enough to travel to many exciting places for both work and downtime.When we
Try these pre-nookie tricks on him, and watch his sexual excitement soar off the charts!
1. Whip Off His BeltShow him who's in charge with a flick of your wrist. Instead of just unbuckling his belt, grab the buckle and pull it fiercely from the loops. Then, add a little flourish by snapping it like a
In honor of our 15th birthday, we're spilling the deets on the 15 most popular sex positions you girls learned from us!
One of the things readers love about Cosmopolitan is the frank and straightforward manner with which we tackle the topic of sex. The popularity of our Love & Lust section has proven that Pinays don't shy away from getting what they want
You may be tempted to hit the snooze button on morning sex, but for your dude, it's a rousing wake-up call. Here are the reasons why he's always up for it in the AM.
Sure, most guys will take sex whenever they can get it. But, there's one time of day when guys really, truly crave it. "Many men are at their horniest first thing in the morning," says sex therapist Arlene Goldman, PhD, coauthor
LQs are no fun especially when you're on vacation. Get on his good side again with these sweet and sensual tricks.
Breaking the ice after an LQ can be tricky. To help get you back in the bliss zone when it's over, Anthony E. Wolf, PhD, author of Why Can't You Shut Up?, offers three totally easy tricks you can try
Real guys describe the hottest unforgettable sexual experiences they've had. You may learn a thing or two from their creative girls!
Ever been attracted to a fellow femme? Cosmo investigates why more girls are experimenting with bisexuality.
Girlfriends have always formed tight bonds with each other. But lately, a growing number of straight chicks are doing their bed. A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 14 percent of women in their
Make your bedroom sizzle by trying out these scorching moves on your guy this season.
1. Plan an intimate night in.Send your guy an invite to a party--and the address is your place. Prep your pad with low lighting and don an uber hot number. Treat him to sexy snacks you can feed each other
A Cosmo Online Hunk feature wouldn't be complete without sexy revelations on the final week. So, read on for this celebrity-turned-athlete's juicy confessions.
Philippine Volcanoes' Andrew Wolff has been making you swoon week after week this February with his candid answers to our interview questions and his photo galleries that get hotter each time. As you may have expected, we of course saved the best (
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