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That cake, tho.
Selena Gomez turned 26 over the weekend, and basically, every celebrity ever (minus Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, obvs) came out of the woodwork to celebrate on social media. Including Selena's best friend since day one Taylor Swift, otherwise known
She's basically your sister from another mister.
If those other people want a timely response, they should try being as funny and engaging as your BFF, just saying.You've taken some fun trips together, but some of your best memories are when you just hung out at
Put your best friendship to the test.
Sure, everyone wants to be friends forever (and get matching dainty tats to prove it), but how can you actually tell if a friend is a keeper versus someone who's really fun and interesting now, but will eventually fade out
Everyone needs the 'F*ck it, let's go out' friend.
If you're ever going through something, they're there with a bed for you to sleep in and a 12-step-plan on how to address your current ailment or major life conflict. You legit would maybe call them
There's no better way to cement your friendship with your BFF than with matching meaningful tattoos. Can't decide what design you two should get? Read on for 15 ideas!Follow Tisha on Instagram.
Friendship goals AND feed goals!
We've rounded up some of the most well-known girl barkadas in the country, whose bonds are so tight that they transcend from work to play. Some were besties from the start, while others met and formed a solid bond