'Sexy lang talaga ako magbuntis.'
Pregnancy, especially for first-timers, can sometimes feel like... a community effort. Everyone from family and friends to virtual strangers think, no, believe they have something important or helpful to say. You get a lot of unsolicited advice, which can already be
'Girl, darating din tayo diyan.'
While breaking up can be painful, moving on after the split is more heart breaking-and sometimes, the people around you can't help but stick their noses in your business. Here are nine sassy responses for your prying friends or relatives
Let's get real, girl!
Whether it's about you gaining weight, the way you look, or anything concerning your love life, there will be people who would comment about your eating habits and would give you unsolicited advice. It may come from a family relative like
You're not really mad. It's just your resting b*tch face.
Do you wear a permanent nonchalant scowl even when you're not really in a bad mood? If you do, then you are one of many women with a RBF or "resting b*tch face", a scientifically-proven condition which means
"Kapag single na si Jericho Rosales."
Whether you're single or in a relationship, being asked when you're getting married can be nerve-racking and annoying at the same time. Here are seven witty answers you can give the next time someone asks you about tying the
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