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We're in LOVE.
We thought "Thinking Out Loud" was perfect already, but this made it even better. In the music video, the "Sing" hitmaker takes centerstage and shows off his dancing skills alongside So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 contestant, Brittany Cherry. The
Get ready to get fancy schmancy.
We've had our fair share of sweet pies, but we never expected to get hooked on a savory one. And by savory, we mean one topped with fish eggs.YEP. Behold our latest craving: Salmon Caviar Pie (P3,000) from Art
And this is why it's the happiest place on earth.
Hubba hubba. We just found our new favorite Instagram account: @dilfs_of_disneyland. Yup, as in Dads I'd Love To F*ck (DILF) in Disneyland. No wonder it's the happiest place on earth! Because there's nothing sexier than a hot dad
A for effort!
What's the sweetest wedding proposal you've ever witnessed? We bet it can't top this one. A wedding planner named Jack faked the most elaborate wedding ceremony to propose to his girlfriend, Sophia. He enlisted the help of former clients,
And it's for a good cause!
The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is taking Hollywood by storm!Just to give you a little background, the challenge is a fundraising campaign for ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) research, better knows as Lou Gherig's disease, a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects
From "oh my" to "purr."
Who knew Fifty Shades of Grey could be so adorable? If the S&M-filled Fifty Shades is too much for you to handle, then you'll love this version. The Pet Collective created a Fifty Shades Of Grey parody trailer featuring
Because chocolate makes everything better.
Chocolate-Covered Strawberries Get the recipe here! Chocolate-Covered Bacon Get the recipe here! Chocolate-Covered Potato ChipsGet the recipe here!Chocolate-Covered Polvoron Get the recipe here! Chocolate-Covered Banana Pops Get the recipe here! Chocolate-Covered Ice Cream Bites Get
Fanning ourselves right now.
This second installment of the "Art of Villainy" Jaguar campaign featuring Thor's Tom Hiddleston came to our attention again (it was released in April 2014) after we read that Britain's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned it for promoting "irresponsible