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Don't believe us? We got Kylie's snaps as proof!
Kylie Jenner stunned fans on Thursday insisting she and her boyfriend Tyga's ex-fiancée Blac Chyna have "been best friends" for a while.Instagram/kylizzlesnapchatsIt has been reported for quite some time the 18-year-old Keeping Up with the
That's an unlikely pair.
The music world has a new pair of unlikely best friends in Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga.The two stars met after the Golden Globes earlier this month and realized they have a lot in common.Launching her three-year residency in
'I hate being an adult.'
Remember that time she accidentally locked herself inside a bathroom stall because she was too drunk? Yeah, good times.Follow Sandra on Twitter.***Subscribe to Cosmopolitan Philippines' channel on YouTube!
John Prats and Angelica Pangilinan give us SERIOUS BFF envy! For one, the two Kapamilya stars prove that a guy and a girl can JUST be friends and nothing more. Yes people, these two debunk the myth.The BFFs went on Tonight
It gets drunkenly awkward.
Here's a HILARIOUS video of two best friends, Adam and Andrew, playing "Truth or Drink." This is definitely a drinking game you and your BFF can play when you're bored out of your wits. Hopefully, your friendship is super solid
It's all in the genes.
1. They were your first-ever barkada. These were the people you had no choice but to befriend. You probably didn't like them when you were four years old, because they pulled your hair out and called you really stupid names,
She is on speed dial, because it's her job to take you home when you are too drunk to drive.
1. She was there for all your Big Girl firsts.That time when everyone in your high school class had their periods, and you still didn't have yours was a big deal when you were 15 years old. When you finally
You're so close that you share clothes and spill sex details, but she also drives you up the wall. Here's how to feel the love again.
What would you do without your closest friends? No, seriously-they're more than just fun to hang out with; they're also crucial to your well-being. A host of recent studies found that people who have good friends are healthier