Mali, Manila Zoo's ailing elephant, needs to go to a sanctuary now, say sultry beauties in PETA's newest ad.
Baring their bodies and holding letters that spell out, "Naked Truth: Mali the Elephant Is Suffering," a group of sexy models and famous entertainers posed for a brand-new ad for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Asia photographed at columnist Bianca Valerio preaches the many ways a pair of stylish shoes empowers a woman.
Twitter question from @RalfAntiporda: "How can high heels affect women's outlook in life?"Haha! I wasn't entirely sure if I wanted to take on this question seriously, compared to all the other Twitter questions I've been asked. However, come
The country's most ravishing Filipinas flocked to Pond's Institute Manila to celebrate its 150th anniversary!
Think of names synonymous with beauty, and you're likely to think of some of the most iconic faces to grace our memorable beauty campaigns, of which Pond's is a leader. For over 150 years now, Pond's has been giving columnist Bianca Valerio imparts her inspiring birthday wish to the Cosmo chicks she dearly loves.
Every week, I dish about topics as diverse as beauty products and fashion to boys and falling in love.However, with my birthday this July 1, I wanted to share something a little more personal as my way of celebrating with all columnist Bianca Valerio gives practical style tips for first-time fashion event attendees.
Twitter question from @VessaMay: "What should I wear to fashion events like Philippine Fashion Week this May 2012? I'm 24 and it's my first time to see a fashion show...I'd like to prepare for it and don't
Watsons, which is also marking its 15th anniversary, teams up with Cosmo to help goal-setting gals! See the celebs who showed their support.
Every Cosmo chick has a dream. Whether it's traveling to Europe or getting the job of your dreams, every woman has something to aspire for. And for practical femmes, spending wisely is the key to getting one step closer to making columnist and makeup artist Bianca Valerio schools us on the different types of lipsticks and how to pick out the right ones.
Your lips say so much about you without you having to say anything at all. After the eyes, the lips attract the most attention when you're conversing with someone. Therefore, it's always important to keep yours luscious-looking in the
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